onsdag 28 december 2016

Last batch of the year

For various real-life reasons I was not able to complete my 2017 project of painting the entire Imperial Assault box, the e-web engineers and two heroes are missing but the finished figures had to be reported to Rob for the Painting Challenge before the end of the year.

I also have a bunch of zombies from the Mantic KS The Walking Dead primed and ready, but only four finished. Many more to come, these are lovely minis!

Speaking of lovely minis I got a whole bunch of Studio  Miniatures zombies from my good friend Jocke for my birthday, they will have a place high on the painting list for 2018.

måndag 28 november 2016

Winter is coming...and going

I finally have something to show again. It's been a long time. I have not been completely idle, there is some more stuff to come before the end of the year, but there has been a distinct lack of painted updates here. That ends now.

First , winter may be coming outside, but on the club table it is leaving. Next time we enter into the City, my warband will be joined by a new Construct, the Book Golem from Black Cat Bases.

The second thing I have today is an LMG team for French Indo-China. These are the old Red Star Miniatures, now owned by FNG Miniatures. In Europe, you can find them via Empress Miniatures.

That is it for now.
More to come.

måndag 14 november 2016

Suggestions for Santa

I am taking part in the wonderful Secret Santa project organised by Ian of The Blog With No Name again this year. For this, you are supposed to find a gift for someone based on the stuff on their blog, thereby assuring that the gift is of use to the recipient.

As I have been very bad at keeping my blog updated lately, I'll just throw out a bunch of ideas for Santa to browse.

Zombies in 28mm:
I love zombies of all sorts and in all periods. Zombicide, Studio Miniatures, Mantic, Eureka, Wargames Factory, Hasslefree.

French Indo-China war in 28mm:
My passion above even zombies is the 1946-54 French Indo-China war. FNG Miniatures (via Empress in Europe) have dedicated figures for it. Warlord and Rubicon have suitable vehicles (most was US Surplus). Sarissa have buildings. Barrage Miniatures have boats.

ACW in 28mm...and 6mm.
Perry, Dixon and many more do 28mm figures. Baccus and Rapier do 6mm.
Leven, Total Battle Miniatures and Timecast do buildings.

WW2  Desert War 28mm
Perry and Offensive Miniatures have both minis and vehicles.

Just a few ideas. I have not given up on any project that is featured on this blog, some have just been dormant for a while and can be revived...

tisdag 16 augusti 2016

More Battle Systems pictures

Can you tell I'm excited?
I picked the buildings up from the club last night, hoping to use them in a game at home this weekend. I just did a quick setup last night and added some furniture.

This stuff looks good! Time to paint a bunch of zombies!

torsdag 11 augusti 2016

First pictures of the Battle Systems Urban Apocalypse terrain

My stuff was delivered yesterday. First of all: Battle Systems estimated July 2016 when they started the project. Nine days into August 2016 and the stuff is in my hands. How may other Kickstarters can match that?

Jocke and I punched out the pieces and tried to build as much as we could at the club last night. The stuff you see in the pics is made up of:
The base pledge
The Two-Storey Suburban House
The Art Deco Grand Pack
One extra game mat

There are lots of extra bits, interior walls, furniture and stuff that is not in the pics, but this will at least give you an idea of what the stuff looks like. I am very, very happy with the quality of this product.

Testbuilding the Suburban in one-storey config 

The whole lot, set out on the two mats, with roofs in position

The Art Deco mansion with roof

Alternative suburban build

The whole lot with roofs removed

 Art Deco mansion without roof

Closeups without roof

Second storeys removed

onsdag 10 augusti 2016

New commission finished

Another set of minis painted for my friend Fredric. Once again for his Field of Glory:Renaissance army and once again in black and yellow because his girlfriend is a footie fanatic.
Six stands of Heavy and two stands of Medium infantry. Hopefully they will cover themselves in glory at BritCon this weekend.

fredag 5 augusti 2016

Chips - the second helping

Before the summer I did a post about the MDF markers for Sharp Practice made by Warbases. Here is a different set of MDF markers, made by another Friend Of The Lard, Supreme Littleness Design.
These are Patrol Markers for Chain of Command. Since the Patrol Phase seems to be unique to CoC it is something that draws attention when running convention games so we thought it would be good to have really nice markers for it. SLD had stars and three-field ones and when Koen and I asked, Michael was nice enough to create the Foreign Legion ones for us. They are now in their web shop, along with a number of other markers.

The SP markers I did using coloured pen. These I did using a brush. To my surprise it was actually easier to get the detail right with a brush than with a pen. The relief cuts in the MDF are deep enough to make each field a distinct area, making it more like miniature painting than colouring book painting.

I like both sets of markers and whether you go with Warbases or Supreme Littleness, I promise you will not be disappointed.

måndag 1 augusti 2016

The kind of people you meet in this hobby!

People like Arjun of corblogme who realise they have a plastic model they will never use, hold a giveaway and then post that model from Singapore to Sweden!

I intend to use it for my French forces in our French Indo-China games, hopefully with some fun conversions to make French crew. Build progress will probably be slow while the lovely weather holds (the sun is a rare guest in Sweden and must be welcomed properly) but I will report as it happens.

torsdag 16 juni 2016

A nice giveaway and some zombies

Diplomatist books are celebrating 200k views with a giveaway. Books, games or minis, I assure you there is something there that you would like.

Also, I have been doing some painting. Not much, but some. Zombies, in fact.
The top 3 are from Zombicide, the rest are from Dungeon Saga. All very quick paint jobs, they will not stand up to close scrutiny but will do fine for a horde.

tisdag 17 maj 2016

Chips! being the first post about the new Sharp Practice 2 rules from TooFatLardies

I bought the Full Bundle of Sharp Practice, meaning I got the book in both dead tree and PDF edition, plastic markers, MDF chips and cards. You really only need cards OR chips, but I had head so many good things about using chips that I had to try, and I bought the cards just in case.

Anyway, the chips are 2mm MDF and are made by the fine folks at Warbases. They make lots of other useful chips and tokens, as well as bases and miniatures.

I bought two cans of cheap paint and a coloured pen from my local craft store.

I then put on 2-3 layers of paint (the green ones were done using my usual Coat d'Arms paint)

Once I had an even coverage, I filled in the details using the white pen, covered the lot in Johnson Floor Polish and finished off with a coat of Testors Dull Cote spray.

All I needed now was a bag. The fine folks at KO'ed Dice Bags have been kind enough to put in a holder for a card deck so you can bring all you could ever need to your games night.

I have almost finished my first 6mm ACW force for SP2. More soon, I promise.

tisdag 29 mars 2016

GothCon 2016 - First Indochina War

Easter Holiday 2016 was celebrated by attending GothCon in Gothenburg once again. Last year, I had the flu and was running a fever throughout the event. This year I was in good health, and a damned good thing it was too, since we got in two very long but very good days of gaming.

The view from my room. The boardgame café I noticed last year is still there but I did not manage to fit in a visit this time either, sadly.

 Most of the crew assembled. From the left Henrik, me, Joakim and Koen. Laffe was stuck on the train, poor man.

We went up the hill to the school where GothCon takes place only to find that entry had been delayed and we had 2 hours to kill. Last year I backed a Kickstarter to start an esport bar in Gothenburg and I had planned to visit to see the place and pick up my Backer pin. As it was right across the street from the school we set up camp there for a while. GG Bar is a very nice place with friendly staff and as you can see, very gamery interior. Highly suggested if you find yourself in Gothenburg.  

 In keeping with the theme, playing the 6th Colonial Parachute Battalion, we had bought Bigeard caps, designed by Marcel Bigeard, then commander of that famous unit. It's not pretty (nor am I), but it worked fine as a conversation starter when engaging with onlookers.

Here is our set-up. The scenario requires the French to leave their own trenches, off the far table end, pass through the Viet Minh trench, the forest beyond it and past the rice paddies at the near end with the tank or at least one section of 50% strength. The VM just had to prevent this.

 Our presentation table contained some TFL info, a few books, some left-over terrain pieces and Koens cap, which was too small for him despite being tagged as being the right size. If you read this, http://doursoux.com/fr/, please answer your emails about that.

 Each scenario started with a small "speed bump" force of Viet Minh deployed in the trench and the rest off table, to be deployed from the Jump Off point (the Buddha at the end of the communications trench) or from the edge of the table. The French deployed 12" in from their table edge.

 All five games followed a similar pattern. The French came on the table, shot up the Viets and overran the trench.

 Sometimes the Viets were killed where they stood, sometimes driven back.

 The important difference was how many troops the Viet player could get on the table before the French came over the trench and into the forest...

 ...and how he used his troops once they were deployed.

 Every time the game was decided in a fire-fight in the forest. Once the French managed to bypass the VM forces, three times they broke the VM force morale, routing them off the table and one time the VM smashed up the French force so badly it could not win, thereby securing a Viet victory.

After the first day, we treated ourselves to a nice Indian meal...

 On the second day, we shared the room with an an official Bolt Action demo team, Damon and Joachim from http://tabletopbattle.com/. Top blokes who were also demoing Frostgrave. Sadly I did not have time to try either of their games.

Nothing says gaming convention like a mug of coffee at 2200. Well, we had players who wanted to play and five hours on the train to sleep the next day. Onwards to glory!

All in all it was a brilliant weekend of gaming fun with friends old and new. In the best Lardy tradition, the theme for next year was decided on the train home. It will be Big CoC in Finland with all the participants playing Finnish troops in action against umpire-controlled Soviets along the Raate Road. I hope I will see some of you next Easter!