måndag 17 november 2014

FlemCon 2014

It was time again for FlemCon, a local gaming convention that we Scandinavian Lardies have attended since 2010, I think it is. This year we had big plans with one Continuation War game and one Western game. This all fell apart the week before when the guys in charge of the games were both taken ill at the same time. Suddenly it became time for me and Koen to improvise in a big way. 

 I had planned to go to the show carrying a spare rule book and a wide grin and be in charge of pulling in players for the games. Instead I ended up carrying terrain, minis, felt and our official TFL roll-up.

 Arriving on location we were shown our area (the pool table behind the orange drapes) and assured that the coffee cups we were handed would be refilled all day, no questions asked. Suddenly I felt there was hope of survival.

 Our table, a piece of France 1940, with a bunch of gear laid out in front. Special mention to the maroon dice bag from KO'ed Dice Bags and the official Dice Bag Lady tape measure from Dice Bag Lady
 Seen from the other end. A cross-road with some ruined buildings.

 View from the North. Germans enter left, Allies right.

 For some reason, a passing girl decided that the cows should be kissing. Good thing we did not bring sheep as Koen put it.
 Explaining the rules of the Patrol Phase to a bunch of players,two of whom had played with us last year and were eager to play this year.

 End of Patrol Phase.

 French Hotchkiss set up to cover the road while two sections of infantry get ready to take the ruined farm house.

 Co-operation at its finest. One French and one British section ready to move. Sadly, the Jerries beat them to the punch by getting MG34s into the farmhouse...

The official TFL roll up, showing that we are indeed actual Lard Ambassadors.

Sadly, due to lack of manpower, ie people getting sick, called away to other things or having to work, we could only keep the game set up until about 1800 so we never got a decisive result, but I believe the players had a good time and lots of people came by and looked, commented and asked about war gaming. All in all a good result.