måndag 14 februari 2011

More Russians

Two lads from the Revell Winter set, although the guy in the ski dress would work equally well as a Finn.

söndag 13 februari 2011

"Good enough" PzIV goes to Kharkov

I varnished it, added a crewman from TQD and called it good enough for war.

To the Corn field!

Next batch of boys to leave the painting table heading for that corn field in Sharpsburg. Bacchus 6mm.

Jimskis French and Viet Minh

Today we have som very special guests. These are from the Eureka 15mm range for the French Indo-China War. They are a gift from my friend Jim Sullivan in California, all I did was base them to fit with the rest of my troops.
First, a group shot:

Next, a close up of the French. Note MAT-49 SMGs and Bigeard (RIP, Mon General) caps.

And finally, the Viet Minh:

Sadly, the nice flag that Jim painted for them came off somewhere between California and Sweden. I will try to repair it before they go on the table .