tisdag 30 juli 2013

The CoC is out!

It is finally here!
Ok, so it's not actually here, it won't be delivered until 21 August, but since the files have now been handed to the printer Rich feels confident in taking our money for pre-orders.
The TFL website is here, the direct link to the bundle deal, the Complete CoC which includes 28mm Jump Off points, is here. If you play in another scale and have no need of those fancy resin Jump Off markers, go here. If you prefer to make your own markers all the way, go for the rules here.
If you just want the rules in electronic format, there will be a choice of plain PDF or hyperlinked PDF for tablets, but that option is not up on the web site yet as the PDFs are still being worked on.

The cover

The inside

måndag 22 juli 2013

Have you played with your toy soldiers lately?

Yesterday, the missus and I took a trip to the beach. OK, so it's a five metre strip of sand, but it's still next to the sea and thus a beach. The good lady brought some of her Ball-Joint Dolls and did a photo session on the beach. I brought some Dust minis and spent my day laying on a blanket, building stuff and posing figures.

 The SSU built themselves a log barrier...
 ...and the Americans charged it, of course!
 Flakturm, Dust style.
 Nice and snug.
 And of course the SSU has to mess it all up.
 Next, the SSU built themselves a proper trench...
...and a fat lot of good it did them!

Next time I'll bring a bunch of Uruk-Hais or Orcs and play Mordor among the rocks leading down to the beach.

A solid base, FOTR WIP 9

The Tiger now has a base, made from a cut-down CD. First layer is acrylic paste mixed with cheap paint, I will add sand, then work more paste into it and add pieces of wire as I want it to look like at least an attempt has been made to salvage the tank, or prepare it for towing.

The 251 has been given a full paint scheme, inspired by/loosely based on this Hetzer seen by Joakim on his recent trip to Normandy. I want to put it on a full diorama base, but as the FOTR group build ends early August I might have to settle for adding some crew and calling it good enough, then putting it on a base later.

tisdag 9 juli 2013

War stuff for sale or trade

This is where I will put stuff that I have for sale or trade.

First up:some old GW Epic stuff, This is all old version stuff from the original Epic Space Marine boxed set era, some of it painted, some not. If you see anything you fancy, drop me a line via the comments below. I have not given any asking prices. If you are interested, you know the prices better than I do. Make me a fair offer and we'll make a deal. Or even better, trade for some minis.
I collect 20mm and 28mm WW2, 6mm and 28mm ACW, 28mm LOTR and more.

Thunderhawks, 2 painted, 2 primed

12 Rhinos in Ultramarine Blue

3 Land Raiders, also UM Blue
18 Rhinos, 17 unpainted, 1 in UM Blue
16 Landraiders, 8 primed, 8 unpainted
Two Stormhammers
 3 Old Predators (fixed sponson guns)

 4 Unpainted Deathstrikes

Ratling Snipers and Imperial Beastmen
IG Heavy Weapons-some sold, 10 stands available
IG Guardsmen, many sold, 10 stands available
Battlewagons, unpainted, 25 available

5 Vyper Jet Bikes, painted
5 Vyper Jet Bikes, painted

Falcon host, painted
Falcon host, painted

Eldar Guards, 6 sprues of troops
Close-up of the above

Complete Eldar sprue, there are four of these

Tactical Marines, 9 troop sprues
Close-up of the above

5 Marine bike stands

4 painted Rhinos

Marine Company with some spares

14 Sentinels, 10 more available

21 sprues of square bases

Some pimping and a busted track

First, it is giveaway time again.
Lots of good stuff there and blog that is an example to all of us. Go support Big Lee and enter into the draw!

Now you've done that, here is the latest development on the Tiger:

There will be a bunch of track links scattered on the base when it's done. Any suggestions for making busted metal look good are welcome.

måndag 8 juli 2013

Covering my tracks. WIP7

More progress over the weekend, but it is slow as the track sections need time to set properly before the next section is added.
Here is the finished track assembly. Right side will be the broken side.

Once the tracks had dried properly I added the mud guard. It has been base painted and will be incorporated into the overall scheme, but that can wait until I have finished the right side of the tank.

I also made some progress on the 251. It is now complete and I have started digging through the figure boxes to find suitable crew and figures to stand around it. My vision is an improvised field aid station, I have a few wounded soldiers and medics that will be perfect for this.

onsdag 3 juli 2013

Making tracks WIP6

Yes, the Tiger comes with hard plastic tracks, but they are split into sections, meaning you don't have to add a gazillion links together, just a dozen or so pieces for each side. The kit includes soft vinyl tracks too if you prefer that, but since I am planning to make this a wrecked version, track links suits me fine.

The first few sections added. One long section and two shorter, connected by a single link.

I also finished the track assembly for the 251. This comes with soft tracks only, thank God. Individual links at this size would have been beyond me. I created tow improvised holding rigs to keep the track fixed while the glue set. The bluetac one was crap, the mounting board one worked perfectly.

I plan to create a small diorama around the vehicle with an aid station. I'll make sure someone stands around leaning against the tracks and neatly covering the point where the tracks meet as the join is a bit off.

The 251 has storage bins above the seats and since you are looking straight into them when looking at the model from above, they need to be filled with something. Once again friend Daniel to the rescue!
These are a few of the pieces from an equipment set he gave me a while back.

SMGs, rifles and backpacks, everything you need for an East Front road-trip!