tisdag 18 december 2012

"You've gotta turn over a new leaf...

...'Cause that old one's turning on you.
We've gotta turn over a new leaf.
If the future's only hoped for, we are doomed."
-Bad Religion, "New Leaf"

With the new year approaching, I will not be making any promises, because I know I can never keep them. Instead, I will present a goal that I hope to have achieved by this time next year. It is simply this: that none of these figures, vehicles and terrain pieces are still on my painting table, but instead are painted, based, varnished and given a place in the storage system. For bonus points, they should all (except Rommel) have seen the elephant as well.

The gang's all here!

With these last four figures my Dux starting armies are complete. It's the last three Uruk Warriors and the Champion of Gondor.

The Uruks are metal Uruk Hai Scouts, very quickly painted, but they still look OK on the table, especially when they are among a bunch of their friends.

The Champion of Gondor is the Gripping Beast figure that I got free with the SAGA rules. I did my best, but a figure of this quality really reveals the limits of my skill when compared to some of the examples on the SAGA forum. Still, I'm happy with it and it will look nice on the table next to Boromir.

I also have two volunteers lined up ready to try out the Dux campaign rules after Christmas. Their tales will be told on my Dux Gondorum blog.