tisdag 26 augusti 2014

One small step for Africa, one slightly smaller step for Gondor

I finished two figures for the 28mm North Africa project, one LRDG guy and one DAK. Both are Perry, but the LRDG guy has a Warlord Celt head...or maybe a GB Dark Age one, I can't remember.

I also finished a squad of Gondor Militia for my Dux Gondorum project. More about them on that blog.

måndag 4 augusti 2014

Stonehaven Miniatures pop-up terrain

As you may remember, I took part in a kick-starter from Stonehaven Miniatures for a range of pop-up paper terrain. Last week they sent out test-versions of the various designs for us to play with and comment on. The hexes in the final versions will be a foot across, but the ones below are printed at A4 size so just about half that. I have printed and built the first two models, the gazebo and the fort.

Here is what they look like:

 Both hexes, folded in half

Both hexes, held together

 As above, but turned to the side
 Both hexes folded out
 From the side
 Close-up of the gazebo with roof closed

 Gazebo with roof open
Close-up of the fort
 The gazebo, being folded
The fort, being folded

The question follows, of course:if they are paper, will they support miniatures? Yes the will! These test examples are printed in my laser printer onto 170 gsm paper intended for photo albums. As I have no suitable metal figures available, I've used the card deck from Dux Britanniarum The Raiders to demonstrate. This is a standard card deck. Remember, the final product will be bigger and on stronger paper.
 Placed across, the roof does not even bulge
Placed the weak way, the roof bulges but holds

In summary, I am really excited about this. It has been a blast building these and I really look forward to the final, full colour version promised for November. It really will be a battlefield in a box!