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måndag 14 november 2016

Suggestions for Santa

I am taking part in the wonderful Secret Santa project organised by Ian of The Blog With No Name again this year. For this, you are supposed to find a gift for someone based on the stuff on their blog, thereby assuring that the gift is of use to the recipient.

As I have been very bad at keeping my blog updated lately, I'll just throw out a bunch of ideas for Santa to browse.

Zombies in 28mm:
I love zombies of all sorts and in all periods. Zombicide, Studio Miniatures, Mantic, Eureka, Wargames Factory, Hasslefree.

French Indo-China war in 28mm:
My passion above even zombies is the 1946-54 French Indo-China war. FNG Miniatures (via Empress in Europe) have dedicated figures for it. Warlord and Rubicon have suitable vehicles (most was US Surplus). Sarissa have buildings. Barrage Miniatures have boats.

ACW in 28mm...and 6mm.
Perry, Dixon and many more do 28mm figures. Baccus and Rapier do 6mm.
Leven, Total Battle Miniatures and Timecast do buildings.

WW2  Desert War 28mm
Perry and Offensive Miniatures have both minis and vehicles.

Just a few ideas. I have not given up on any project that is featured on this blog, some have just been dormant for a while and can be revived...

8 kommentarer:

  1. Välkommen tillbaka Thomas.Long time no seen.Very, very nice to have you back among us again.I was almost thinking that you got a bad flu or depressed due to a bad football-result or something...but now I know that I was wrong. :)

    1. Well, flu, work and hockey results is pretty close to the truth. I have a big of new stuff for the blog, I just haven't gotten round to it. I need to see to this!

    2. He's been to busy playing with my painted figures :-)
      (and some of his own)

    3. Yep. It's been very nice to actually get some games in, and some of them with painted miniatures!

    4. Hey! Just because we had to use two (2!) unpainted zombies yesterday, and that only because the board was fricking filled with undeads.

    5. Oh, you have been very good at painting Zombicide. Now about Blood Rage...?

    6. Hörbarhet nolla...
      Ehr, well, some of the figs are actually painted there.
      just a couple left unpainted.
      Maybe a few couples...