torsdag 24 november 2011

Finnish Officers and Sniper

Three guys from Warmodelling/Fantassin. The tree stump the sniper is hiding behind is a twig from a bush outside my office.

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Winter Soviets in foxholes

These are a Pegasus (with rifle) and a Revell (with SMG) Winter Soviets cut in half and glued into snowy bases to indicate a foxhole. The guy with the SMG is wearing a snow mask and snow suit, he will work fine as either Finn or Soviet.

Trees and sandbags

Some more terrain. First a couple of trees. Both WS Tree Armatures, on the left JG Miniatures Bush material, on the right the usual WS stuff.

Second item is a sandbag position. We will be doing an LRDG attack on an Italian airfield for our next big convention game and that will require sandbag positions for MGs and AA guns. Below is my first "proof of concept" build. Fimo clay rolled into a sausage and cut into suitable pieces with a sculpting tool, then stacked on an MDF base and cured in the oven. The oil drum is a greenstuff press-cast.

söndag 20 november 2011

"I come from down in the valley..."

No I don't, but I do have a river! Timecast river, intended for 6-10mm gaming, been sitting in my desk drawer for three years or more. The water is Vallejo Emerald Green with a wash of Vallejo Azure thinned with Johnson Floor Polish, the banks my regular earthy craft colour with Devlan Mud wash, the grass GW flock. It looks a bit fuzzy now, but will blend nicely with my GW game mat I think.

Especially for Chris

Chris asked about the CDs mentioned in an earlier post. Here is how I use CDs.
Step one: Use the CD as a painting palette.

Step two:
When the palette becomes too full of paint, add a few Woodland Scenics tree bases and some gravel, sand, cat litter or similar.

Step three:
Paint the whole thing with a suitable base colour, I use light brown from a crafts store. Flock to taste and add clump foliage, rocks or whatever. Now add the Woodland Scenics trees, but don't glue them, just slot them into their bases during games and pull them out afterwards, that way the CDs can be stored stacked and the loose trees chucked in a box.
As for the question of priming: acrylic paint sticks to CDs. It can be scraped off, but once covered in a base colour and a layer of glue for the flocking, it will not come off by accident.

lördag 19 november 2011

Heavy Flak!

A German Heavy Flak Grenadier and a US Death Dealer are the latest Dust Tactics lads.

Got wood?

Having finally paid off the Tax Man, I can look forward. First up on the hobby front is a new painting bench. This means clearing out the old one, and I thought I'd make a project out of finishing all the stuff stored in the various drawers of the old desk. Some of it has been there since we moved into the apartment ten years ago...
First out: two Woodland Scenics tree armatures with foliage made from Woodland Scenics FC 145 Light Green superglued on. The bases are mounted on large washers for balance. The are standing on a CD that has been painted, flocked and had various foliage added.

måndag 14 november 2011

CP Models Russians

These guys were a gift from my friend Daniel. Two of them were missing their heads and were given new heads. Second from right the bare head is from Caesars Resistance Fighters, the helmeted one far right got his from an Italeri set. These boys, as well as the latest batch of Pegasus, finally got to fire rounds in anger at FlemCon last Saturday. Enough of the Barbarossa stuff for a while now, time to get back into Winter War.

Total for the year:+37 (55).