fredag 15 maj 2015

1st section of Perry Desert Rats

I tried to get at least a section each of Brits and DAK ready for GothCon. That did not happen, due to work and the oncoming flu that also ate most of my GothCon experience, but I did finish one section and here they are. The goal here is a full British platoon and at least a section of DAK.

These are intended for CoC with the Section Leader on a hex base for easy ID.

Second squad of Martians

The second Martian squad is finished. The bases are just flat grey for the moment. Since they are essentially board game pieces, I will do all the bases in a style that fits the gaming mat once all the minis are painted.
This makes 20 regular Martian Grunts and finishes that part of my Martian forces. I also have 5 Martian Marines, 5 Martian Stealth Troopers, about a dozen Science Troops including a big-ass ant and half a dozen Martian characters, a Flying Saucer and a Giant Stompy Robot. For the humans we are looking at ten soldiers, a dozen heroes, some allied aliens and the Novas Vira gang.

The dream is still to finish the whole lot before Dungeon Saga is delivered, but we'll have to see about that.

You can't see it in this picture, but they have a white stripe on their nitrogen tanks to distinguish them from 1st squad. And in case someone wonders, their helmets were attached using super glue and no misting occurred.

fredag 8 maj 2015

How kine of you!

These lovely animals are from Warbases and I bought them to serve as either loot or table dressing for the Dux Gondorum campaign. I have some boars that will serve as semi-domestic pigs as well, but these are not painted yet.
The paint job on these is quick and dirty:block paint, a drybrush and a dark wash because let's face it, no matter how cool highland cattle are, they will never be the centre piece of an army so a quick job will have to do. Now I need to dig out my wattle fence and get that painted as well, or else they will just wander off the table.

torsdag 7 maj 2015

GothCon 2015, we hardly knew ye

The last two years we have been going to the eminent gaming convention GothCon. Last year Laffe and I ran Chain of Command in NWE 1944. This time we opted for Chain of Command but in the desert. We had the toys, the tools and the talent. Only one minor problem:one of us also had the flu. To illustrate the situation:below are all the photos I took over a three day gaming convention.

 The hotel. Great place.

 View from the room. Yes, that is a boardgame café across the road!
 A guy with a cool T-shirt.
 Our favourite sushi place.
 The mug my better half gave me for use while gaming.

 The setup for the first game.
 Our info and display table.
A patrol phase in progress.

That was it. I spent more time taking naps than I did running games. Our involvement was still a success thanks to the efforts of the other three lads: Laffe, Koen and Jocke.

I really, really hope I stay healthy next year, especially since I have promised to run and First Indo-China War game. 

måndag 4 maj 2015

Bank Holiday Painting

It has been far too long since I updated. A lot of fun stuff, such as GothCon and some less fun stuff, such as the flu, has happened since then. I will talk more about GothCon later. The flu, well, the less said the better, to be honest,

Friday May 1 was a public holiday in Sweden and I celebrated by painting miniatures. I finished Claus von Richthofen for Dust and an MG42 gunner for my WW2 winter project. I also did five Martians but they will show up once I finish the rest of their squad.

First, Claus. I am not really happy with the way his splittertarn trousers turned out, the edges of the pattern are too soft and the pattern itself is not quite right, but he will have to do. I'd rather go on to all the other wonderful figures I have waiting than redo one in the hope of getting it better.

An MG42 gunner from CP Models. Not really happy with the way he turned out either, but he has been sitting on my desk for a year, it was time to get him finished and moved on. Same here, I have tons of lovely minis, including a Schwimmwagen in the pipeline.