tisdag 30 september 2014

No WIP today, the lighting was to gray...

And if you did not get that joke, go here. I continued work on the Paras last night and took some pics but they turned out awful so I won't post any today. Instead, a treat for those of you into 6mm gaming.
Ian is running a giveaway on his blog.
2x£20 up for grabs? What's not to like?

måndag 29 september 2014

Adventures in camouflage land, WIP2

Work on my French Paras continued over the weekend. This is just such brilliant fun!
Painting these guys has simply been the best painting fun I've had since...painting their Viet Minh opponents a while back. They are more fun than Dust Tactics figures and that is saying a lot, I can assure you!

So, some pics. I am still getting used to the camera on my new Samsung and all of these were taken indoors in lamp-light, but I hope they will at least show the progress made.

 Note that the gaiters and carrying straps are grey because they are not yet painted while the rifle stocks are grey because I am working a way of painting them to reflect the fact that they were made from aluminium.

Any suggestions on how to paint oxidised aluminium are appreciated!

I also based the LRDG that has been sitting untouched on my desk since October last year. The basing material is white acrylic paste mixed with MIG African Earth pigment. I think it is too red for the Libyan desert and will need some paint or wash, but it will be perfect for the DBP figures as the soil in the Viet highlands look close to this.

onsdag 24 september 2014

Adventures in camouflage land, WIP1

Last night, I started painting the camouflage on my French Paras for the Indo-China war. This will be fun, however it turns out!
So, what am I trying to achieve?

Basically, this. Troupes AéroPortées modéle TAP 47

I have tried sorting out the various versions and iterations of the TAP47 and realised that even if I can sort out the differences between them, I will not really be able to reproduce them in 28mm anyway. I will instead settle for trying to make sure that a casual observer will be able to tell if the figure is wearing TAP47 or for example Denison:

Since the French troops in Indo-China used lots of WW2 surplus, both British Denison and USMC camouflage uniforms were present.

So much for the references. On to the pictures of my WIP.

Base coat of Vallejo Carne Muerte, then horizontal green stripes. I used Feldgrau for this test because I had no properly green colour. We'll see how it goes.
Next horizontal and vertical brown stripes and blotches. I used Vallejo Mahogany. 

tisdag 23 september 2014

Gondorians done, Frenchmen started

I actually managed to finish some figures last night (ok, they still need to be varnished) and started on some new ones. The finished guys are Veterans of Osgiliath that I got in a trade a few years ago.

Three down...

I also got started on some French Paratroopers from Red Star for the Indo-China War. These promise to be as much fun to paint as the Viet Minh troops I did a while back. Paul Hicks is a bloody genius! 
 ...three to go as can be seen behind the five French guys.

On the subject of Indo-China, I have just received one board game about Dien Bien Phu and have gotten confirmation that another one is now ready for shipping. There will be reviews of these as soon as I have played them.

torsdag 4 september 2014

Secret Santa time!

It is time again to sign up for Secret Santa, presented by Ian at The Blog With No Name
I took part last year and got a lovely LRDG truck that, I am ashamed to say, is still not built or painted. Maybe I need to get my skates on and finish last years present before this years arrives.

Anyway, go to Ian's blog, read the rules and sign up. It really is great fun!