måndag 16 mars 2015

Building a Sarissa Far East House, part 1

As a part of my long on-going French Indo-China project, I bought a house from Sarissas Far East range. This is part 1, a review of the actual building of the model, with lots of pictures. If you found this by googling Sarissa review and can't be bothered to read it all, here is the Executive Summary: The Sarissa stuff is amazing. Buy it!

The house stands on a platform, so the first step is to construct that platform on the base plate.
 Cross-support in place

 Frame support goes around the cross support

I put the floor bit on top of the support platform to make sure that the struts fit in the holes in the floor and left it there while the glue dried on the support beams.

 Floor piece in place temporarily

Next step is the house itself. The floor piece taken off the supports and put down, then the inner walls, that would be the palm leaf screens in reality, are fitted into holes in the floor.
 Inner walls raised

Next the frame/outer wall goes on. No holes for these pieces except for the front balcony railing, but clear marks on the inner walls that shows how to align them correctly. 

 Frame goes on

 Roof. I added a cut-out from the frame to give extra stability

 The roof in place

And that is the whole lot. It was all done in an evening including time for the glue to dry (that is why the glue is still white in some pics). It goes together like a dream, quite simply. My only other MDF buildings are from 4Ground. By comparison, these have less surface detail but cleaner fitting pieces. 

The whole assembly, from the bottom.

 Base with support beams

 House added on top

 Roof in place

Stairs slot into place

I am currently painting the whole affair, next update will contain the finished product and some comparison shots with the Red Star miniatures that will be fighting over these buildings.