fredag 5 augusti 2016

Chips - the second helping

Before the summer I did a post about the MDF markers for Sharp Practice made by Warbases. Here is a different set of MDF markers, made by another Friend Of The Lard, Supreme Littleness Design.
These are Patrol Markers for Chain of Command. Since the Patrol Phase seems to be unique to CoC it is something that draws attention when running convention games so we thought it would be good to have really nice markers for it. SLD had stars and three-field ones and when Koen and I asked, Michael was nice enough to create the Foreign Legion ones for us. They are now in their web shop, along with a number of other markers.

The SP markers I did using coloured pen. These I did using a brush. To my surprise it was actually easier to get the detail right with a brush than with a pen. The relief cuts in the MDF are deep enough to make each field a distinct area, making it more like miniature painting than colouring book painting.

I like both sets of markers and whether you go with Warbases or Supreme Littleness, I promise you will not be disappointed.

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  1. I can only second this! When we contacted Michael to ask about other designs than the ones available, he asked to send pictures for the ones we wanted. A couple of days later, they were on the website and available. Apart from the ones Thomas mentions, we got DAK and 8th Army markers, Pegasus markers for my British Airborne, and the Fallschirmjägers' diving eagle emblem (my next project). Michael was extremely nice to deal with. He made a small mistake with our order, but quickly settled it, and the stuff he sent that was wrong, we got to keep. Definitely recommended!

    1. Yep. I just realised I built the set of barrels we go this weekend, I shall have to do a post on those as well.

    2. Yes, get to work on that! ;-)