torsdag 27 juni 2013

Groupbuild, WIP4

The third base colour of the Ambush pattern added. Looks to me that I may have too few and too large fields, maybe I should add more fields?
Then again, I might keep it the way it is and break up the surface using burn marks, stowage and camouflage netting or tree branches.

onsdag 26 juni 2013

Something completely different.

No, not a man with three buttocks, but an ad for a movie.
Paul McGann is one of my favourite actors, Poe deserves a lot more love than he is getting from the movie industry and tort...enhanced interrogation is a very interesting subject on many different levels.
I have pledged £50 for the DVD and tickets to the cast and crew screening. That was the cheap bit. A flight to London from Stockholm, that is the expensive bit. Oh, well, call it a late Christmas pressie for the missus to get to meet the 8th Doctor and for me to meet & I.

No, this is not Paul McGann, it is Stephen Marcus as The Prisoner 

Groupbuild, WIP3

Not much progress as such, but I have decided on a camo pattern for the Tiger and started painting.

Some variation on the Ambush theme coming up.

I have also started on the interior of the 251. I messed up several times while building this kit. There will be mud, tree branches and stowage aplenty to hide the worst mistakes.

Yellow on the inside. Will hopefully look sort of Dunkelgelb after a bunch of washes.

måndag 17 juni 2013

FotR groupbuild WIP 2, LRDG WIP 3 and...of on a tangent

The King Tiger has been assembled and the LRDG truck has a base, I guess that must count as progress.

I have also checked with Piers who is in charge of the group build and I need another vehicle.
Not a problem really, as I have several just waiting to be built and painted. I decided on a Hasegawa SdKfz 251 that Jocke gave me years ago. So that is one problem solved by a generous friend. Enter a new problem ,created by a generous friend!

The lads on the left are Perry Miniatures Desert Rats. The prone guys are a mortar team, the other tow have had their heads swapped for the LRDG/SAS heads provided in the box. How am I supposed to focus on 20mm LRDG and Fall of the Reich when minis like these just magically appear on my doorstep?
Curse you, Laffe!
And on the subject of cursing Laffe, my next hobby purchase has been decided. A dark horse has moved to the top of the list, helped by a lot of lobbing from Laffe:

I bought a set as a present for a Star Wars-mad friend and now I need to get one for myself,and I'm not even that much of a SW nerd.

fredag 7 juni 2013

Embrace the madness! and FotR Groupbild WIP1

Yesterday I came to a conclusion:I spend too much time planning too far ahead and getting annoyed when my plans don't work out. The easiest way to remedy that is not to plan too far ahead.
So, instead of plans like "when I can spare enough money to buy X, I will complete project Y", I will instead make plans like "I have a bunch of X, that means I can do project Y" and then do it.

First up:The Guild groupbuild.
This will become a burned out or at least damaged Königstiger guarding the heart of the Reich.

This guy will be standing around somewhere near that Tiger. Yes, I know the bipod is wonky, but it's still a nice figure, and as I had him based on a rather large base he became the test subject for my cobble stone vision. Does it look like he is standing in a partially destroyed cobbled street? Well, it might once I finish painting it.

onsdag 5 juni 2013

With friends like these...

...why bother to plan things?

I had a plan for my hobby this summer:work on the LRDG project. I had purchases planned out and everything. Then Laffe told be about the new Group Build over at the Guild, themed Fall of the Reich. Oh well, I have a Tiger II and a bunch of late war CP Models Germans waiting to be painted, I'll move them up the queue, the Con where we intend to run LRDG isn't until November. Plenty of time for both.

Then, yesterday, this lands on my doorstep completely unannounced:

Notice anything? Yes, that's right: 28mm! With alternate heads for use as LRDG!
Down the toilet goes the plan and instead I was up late putting these together:

Absolutely gorgeous figures!
Anyone care to start a pool on how long it will be before you see one of these reviewed here?

måndag 3 juni 2013

First LRDG Crewman

My first LRDG soldier finished. This guy will be sitting behind an MG on the back of the truck in a waiting-for-the-enemy kind of setup. He is from the Revell set. Stay tuned for my first Milicast guy, coming soon.