tisdag 17 maj 2016

Chips! being the first post about the new Sharp Practice 2 rules from TooFatLardies

I bought the Full Bundle of Sharp Practice, meaning I got the book in both dead tree and PDF edition, plastic markers, MDF chips and cards. You really only need cards OR chips, but I had head so many good things about using chips that I had to try, and I bought the cards just in case.

Anyway, the chips are 2mm MDF and are made by the fine folks at Warbases. They make lots of other useful chips and tokens, as well as bases and miniatures.

I bought two cans of cheap paint and a coloured pen from my local craft store.

I then put on 2-3 layers of paint (the green ones were done using my usual Coat d'Arms paint)

Once I had an even coverage, I filled in the details using the white pen, covered the lot in Johnson Floor Polish and finished off with a coat of Testors Dull Cote spray.

All I needed now was a bag. The fine folks at KO'ed Dice Bags have been kind enough to put in a holder for a card deck so you can bring all you could ever need to your games night.

I have almost finished my first 6mm ACW force for SP2. More soon, I promise.