söndag 23 januari 2011

My dirty little tank

A work in progress, or a test, possibly. I went crazy with MIG pigments, trying them on this winter camouflaged Pz IV from Hasegawa. A mix of Rust, Dust, Mud and Smoke was used. I have a lot to learn yet, but pigments are certainly the way to go.

tisdag 18 januari 2011

White Death and Civil War

Two kinds of minis represented today. First is another Reviresco Finn, this time a sniper.

Second, the first American Civil War minis of the year. They are from Baccus and are supposed to represent generic early war Eastern Theatre troops. Their first battle will be Antietam, hopefully sometime this year. They have no flags so far, these will be added as soon as I have sorted out the required regiments, then it's Dunker Church, here we come!

So, total is now +12, and I get to add another score: 6mm troop stands: +5!

söndag 16 januari 2011

Second set of Poles

Two more Poles added for the upcoming Games Day. The one without a helmet was actually commissioned by  me for the CP Models Market-Garden group build a few years ago. They are both sculpted by Tony Boustead. I am not happy with my paint job on either of them, but I have more of both sculpts and will try to to a better job next time, rather than redoing these.

Total for the year: +11.

torsdag 13 januari 2011

Also For Mother Russia!

These three guys are Italeri Russian Infantry (Winter Uniform). Very nice figures indeed. They are intended for late war and are not a perfect match for the Winter War, but they'll have to do.

This brings the total count up to +9 for the year.

 I've also finished a vehicle, but that is a present for a friend who might be reading this, so pictures will be added after he's received the model. 

söndag 9 januari 2011

Going to Taipale!

These three lads are Reviresco Winter War Finns. Not the most detailed figures, but nice poses and unlike any other Finns I've found, some of them wear the home-made winter suits with KKK-style hoods that can be seen in pics from the early days of the war.
The gun is a Bofors 37mm made by SHQ, a very nice model indeed. It will be part of the Mannerheim line just outside Taipale where our campaign takes place.

With these three, the purchase account for the year is now at plus six. Time to start considering what the next purchase will be.

torsdag 6 januari 2011

For Mother Russia!

Three Revell Siberian Infantry for my Winter War Soviets. Not that nicely painted, but they are intended for my Soviet mass attacks and will melt into the hordes of infantry.

My New Years resolution is to only buy new minis after I've painted old ones. These guys mark the first tree on the plus account.