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måndag 1 augusti 2016

The kind of people you meet in this hobby!

People like Arjun of corblogme who realise they have a plastic model they will never use, hold a giveaway and then post that model from Singapore to Sweden!

I intend to use it for my French forces in our French Indo-China games, hopefully with some fun conversions to make French crew. Build progress will probably be slow while the lovely weather holds (the sun is a rare guest in Sweden and must be welcomed properly) but I will report as it happens.

3 kommentarer:

  1. We do have some wonderful people in our hobby world.

  2. My French platoons are looking forward to some heavier punching support ;)

    There are indeed some very nice people in our community!

  3. A great win! Congrats!
    I'm looking forward to see that built in the future!