tisdag 16 augusti 2016

More Battle Systems pictures

Can you tell I'm excited?
I picked the buildings up from the club last night, hoping to use them in a game at home this weekend. I just did a quick setup last night and added some furniture.

This stuff looks good! Time to paint a bunch of zombies!

torsdag 11 augusti 2016

First pictures of the Battle Systems Urban Apocalypse terrain

My stuff was delivered yesterday. First of all: Battle Systems estimated July 2016 when they started the project. Nine days into August 2016 and the stuff is in my hands. How may other Kickstarters can match that?

Jocke and I punched out the pieces and tried to build as much as we could at the club last night. The stuff you see in the pics is made up of:
The base pledge
The Two-Storey Suburban House
The Art Deco Grand Pack
One extra game mat

There are lots of extra bits, interior walls, furniture and stuff that is not in the pics, but this will at least give you an idea of what the stuff looks like. I am very, very happy with the quality of this product.

Testbuilding the Suburban in one-storey config 

The whole lot, set out on the two mats, with roofs in position

The Art Deco mansion with roof

Alternative suburban build

The whole lot with roofs removed

 Art Deco mansion without roof

Closeups without roof

Second storeys removed

onsdag 10 augusti 2016

New commission finished

Another set of minis painted for my friend Fredric. Once again for his Field of Glory:Renaissance army and once again in black and yellow because his girlfriend is a footie fanatic.
Six stands of Heavy and two stands of Medium infantry. Hopefully they will cover themselves in glory at BritCon this weekend.

fredag 5 augusti 2016

Chips - the second helping

Before the summer I did a post about the MDF markers for Sharp Practice made by Warbases. Here is a different set of MDF markers, made by another Friend Of The Lard, Supreme Littleness Design.
These are Patrol Markers for Chain of Command. Since the Patrol Phase seems to be unique to CoC it is something that draws attention when running convention games so we thought it would be good to have really nice markers for it. SLD had stars and three-field ones and when Koen and I asked, Michael was nice enough to create the Foreign Legion ones for us. They are now in their web shop, along with a number of other markers.

The SP markers I did using coloured pen. These I did using a brush. To my surprise it was actually easier to get the detail right with a brush than with a pen. The relief cuts in the MDF are deep enough to make each field a distinct area, making it more like miniature painting than colouring book painting.

I like both sets of markers and whether you go with Warbases or Supreme Littleness, I promise you will not be disappointed.

måndag 1 augusti 2016

The kind of people you meet in this hobby!

People like Arjun of corblogme who realise they have a plastic model they will never use, hold a giveaway and then post that model from Singapore to Sweden!

I intend to use it for my French forces in our French Indo-China games, hopefully with some fun conversions to make French crew. Build progress will probably be slow while the lovely weather holds (the sun is a rare guest in Sweden and must be welcomed properly) but I will report as it happens.