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torsdag 24 juli 2014

A resolution and the resulting agony of choices

I did not make a New Year resolution this year, since the one for last year was about as useful as a chocolate frying pan. Now, however, I will make a part-year resolution:I will buy no new minis in 2014!

The reason I am able to convince myself that I have any hope of actually sticking with this and going 5 months without a purchase is that I have so much already that I want to paint and more coming in. The stars seem to be aligning for the end of 2014 as Kickstarter Delivery Season. I have taken part in five Kickstarters so far:
1, Torn Armor. That ran into trouble with a dodgy partner, but seems to be on track now with the board game part at least arriving later this year.

2, Baker Company Winter War. This was delayed by a broken spin caster and a victim of it's own success. Gav must have been working round the clock since it funded. I already have the first wave of minis and a tank, and more vehicles and troops will arrive later this year.

3, Mars Attacks. Mantic hoped for August delivery and the components have indeed left China with August looking difficult but September hopeful.

4, Dust Babylon. Battlefront hoped for August delivery. Not looking very good as the pledge manager is not out yet, but I remain confident in delivery...later this year.

5, Stonehaven Miniatures Pop-Up Terrain. I opted for the colour PDF version and they are saying November for that.

This is three years of Christmas spending finally coming all at once. It will be a busy winter.

Quite apart from the stuff coming in, I have stuff waiting that I really want to get painted. I'll make a list and return to it after Christmas to see if I actually finished any of it. Note that this list is written from memory during coffee break at the office. Lots of stuff is waiting but not on the list.

1, a dozen Rangers for Dux Gondorum
2, six Veterans of Osgiliath for Dux Gondorum
3, six French Paras for French Indo-China
4, a Panzer IV for GuP
5, a Schwimmwagen for my Ostfront project
6, a Ford truck for LRDG
7, a Sherman for GuP
8, a whole bunch of 6mm ACW from Baccus for TCHAE and Longstreet
9, plastic Warriors from Gripping Beast for Dux Gondorum
10, Finnish and Soviet troops for Winter War
11, livestock for Dux Gondorum
12, three busted Panthers intended as terrain features
13, a Jeep for my Brit Paras, or possibly LRDG
14, a Flak 36 for Ostfront
15, a Sd. Kfz 251/10 for Ostfront

And finally there is the Secret Project! Lots of hobby bloggers I follow do Secret Projects from time to time. I have started one that is intended to be a pleasant surprise for my gaming group during a games day around Christmas.

That's it. If you read all the way here, you truly are a gaming nerd and I salute you!

fredag 27 juni 2014

More promo stuff:Pup-Up Terrain!

A Kickstarter that is in its final 48 hours right now so go check it out right away!
This is brilliant. Cardboard 3D terrain that folds up for storage has been done before, but I have never seen it done this well and with such clever mechanics. Just take a look at the video on the front page and you will see what I mean.

I have gone for the PDF version simply because shipping to Sweden will double the cost of buying the ready-printed stuff...and because with a PDF I can print a new piece every time I mess up during construction. Edward Scissorhands I am not.

So, go ahead, pledge $18 and join me in a festival of cardboard and glue sticks this coming Christmas!

torsdag 26 juni 2014

More Dust troops and a commercial

I just finished painting an SSU Command squad. Dust figures are a joy to paint and turn out nice even with a rather basic paint job, in this case inspired by the Soviets in the old classic Red Dawn.

Second point: TooFatLardies just released their Summer Special. £6 will get you 130 pages of stuff ranging from scenarios to an interview about writing wargaming rules. If you play any of the TFL games, it's a no-brainer. If you play other games, for example Bolt Action, it is a great source for scenarios and good ideas.

Get it now!

måndag 2 juni 2014

A bunch of Germans

These guys are from CP Models. I am not sure the M38/40 early type smocks most of them are wearing was ever made in Splittertarn, but by the time I remembered to check it was too late and they will have to do as they are.

The fellow at the back in Feldgrau and carrying a Panzerfaust is from Plastic Soldier Company .

First Dien Bien Phu figures!

These are the first of the Red Star Miniatures DBP range. I have been looking forward to getting my hands on them since the first preview on TMP and here they are!
First a shot of them lined up on the beach near my house.

Next, a few pics of them moving through the gra...jungle at the picnic site.

The first French figures are on my paint table right now, more to come.

söndag 6 april 2014

A giveaway with something for everyone!

The Depressive Diplomatist (now there is a good name!) is holding a give-away with a bunch of fun stuff.
Go here to have a look. Books, toys and cards to be won, just take your pick and hope!

fredag 4 april 2014

Wet palette

I recently tried out a wet palette for the first time. If you use Vallejo, P3 AP or any other paint that comes in drop bottles, you owe it to yourself to try it too. A quick google will give you illustrated guides, youtube tutorials and everything you could possibly need, but just in case, I'll show you how I made mine.

It really is dead simple. Get a flat plastic box with a lid. I used one from the supermarket that is for keeping pre-sliced sausage and such.

 Stick a piece of wet paper towel on the bottom. Cut a piece of parchment paper to fit in the box and place it on the wet paper towel. Done.

You can now drip paint on the parchment paper surface just as you would on your regular palette, china plate, CD or whatever you normally use. The difference is, the paint won't dry! To try it out, I deposited the above blotch of paint at about 1900 yesterday and painted a gang of German soldiers. I then put the lidon beforeI went away and watched a documentary and the evening news. When I came back at 2205 the paint was still wet and I could use it to fix the parts I had missed during the first paint session. If you are lucky enough to get hours-long paint sessions, or if you only paint in short bursts, this is ideal.