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torsdag 23 oktober 2014

Dear Secret Santa...

I have now been given my vict...recipient for the Secret Santa project. That also means someone will soon be reading this blog looking for ideas. Well, Santa, there should be plenty of ideas to be found by reading previous blog posts, but just in case, here are some ideas:

1, Red Star Miniatures DBP range.

2, CP Models 20mm Germans, Russians, Brits or 28mm "Dr Who" range

3, Perry WW2 or Normans.

4, Anything for Dust Warfare.

5, Baccus 6mm ACW

6, Rapier 6mm ACW

7, Total Battle Miniatures 6mm ACW buildings

8, Timecast 6mm ACW buildings

9, Leven Miniatures 6mm ACW buildings

10, Any 10mm fantasy suitable for Battle of Five Armies

11, http://www.sgtsmess.co.uk/ Continental Cafe set, Stowage, Scenery etc.

12, Conquest Games Normans

13, http://earlywarminiatures.com/ BEF or French

14, Anything for Mantic Games Mars Attacks

And in case your are located on the other side of the world, Santa (although we all know you really live just across the border in Finland), here is my FLGS:


I am sure they will be willing to do a local delivery.

onsdag 15 oktober 2014

Paper strength

Fellow Swedish gamer and blogger Ptr has been doing a very inspirational series of posts about scratchbuilding scenery. One suggestion he had was using printed patterns to make walls. Since I had a PDF for making a castle (Fat Dragons Winterhawk) I thought I'd give it a try.

This is the bottom 5cm of the outer wall (hence they ivy) mounted on a piece of foam core with a strip of packing paper that Ptr kindly gave me on top as a row of tiles and a strip of flocked cardboard as a base.

Reverse view. This is the next 5cm of the wall so no ivy. 5 cm plus base and tiles is acually a bit high for 28mm. I think I will be doing a lower version that figures will be able shoot over.

I will be making more of these for sure, but in future the base will be plasticard as the white glue that holds the flock warped the cardboard far more than I expected.

Next idea came from Jocke who found some paper terrain intended for Dust and Infinity. First out are two containers.
The figure is from Mantics Mars Attacks game,

Closer view, with a Dust figure. Sorry about the sloppy glue job.

There will be more paper terrain in the future for sure. It is cheap, light, looks good, won't break if you drop it and you won't cry your eyes out if it does break. What's not to like?

måndag 13 oktober 2014

Adventures in camouflage land finished

The first set of French troops for the Indo-China project are finished. They took a while to paint but it was an absolutely brilliant painting experience. I will buy more of these figures, that is for sure. The range is only about a dozen skirmishing poses so far, but there are head variants with helmets, bush hats and Bigeard caps. I intend to use this variation to the fullest, and probably find heads from other makers as well.

They are posing in front of a stone wall printed from a PDF set by Fat Dragon Games.

onsdag 1 oktober 2014

Adventures in camouflage land, WIP3

Did some more stuff, including a pin wash of the webbing and equipment and a regular wash all over. Not the greatest pics this time either, but Winter Is Coming (tm) and daylight is in short supply in Sweden.

Next, I'll try a light drybrush on the uniforms to get them a more worn, faded look and think about more shading and hightlights for the faces. Any other suggestions? Any ideas about the aluminium rifle butts?

tisdag 30 september 2014

No WIP today, the lighting was to gray...

And if you did not get that joke, go here. I continued work on the Paras last night and took some pics but they turned out awful so I won't post any today. Instead, a treat for those of you into 6mm gaming.
Ian is running a giveaway on his blog.
2x£20 up for grabs? What's not to like?

måndag 29 september 2014

Adventures in camouflage land, WIP2

Work on my French Paras continued over the weekend. This is just such brilliant fun!
Painting these guys has simply been the best painting fun I've had since...painting their Viet Minh opponents a while back. They are more fun than Dust Tactics figures and that is saying a lot, I can assure you!

So, some pics. I am still getting used to the camera on my new Samsung and all of these were taken indoors in lamp-light, but I hope they will at least show the progress made.

 Note that the gaiters and carrying straps are grey because they are not yet painted while the rifle stocks are grey because I am working a way of painting them to reflect the fact that they were made from aluminium.

Any suggestions on how to paint oxidised aluminium are appreciated!

I also based the LRDG that has been sitting untouched on my desk since October last year. The basing material is white acrylic paste mixed with MIG African Earth pigment. I think it is too red for the Libyan desert and will need some paint or wash, but it will be perfect for the DBP figures as the soil in the Viet highlands look close to this.

onsdag 24 september 2014

Adventures in camouflage land, WIP1

Last night, I started painting the camouflage on my French Paras for the Indo-China war. This will be fun, however it turns out!
So, what am I trying to achieve?

Basically, this. Troupes AéroPortées modéle TAP 47

I have tried sorting out the various versions and iterations of the TAP47 and realised that even if I can sort out the differences between them, I will not really be able to reproduce them in 28mm anyway. I will instead settle for trying to make sure that a casual observer will be able to tell if the figure is wearing TAP47 or for example Denison:

Since the French troops in Indo-China used lots of WW2 surplus, both British Denison and USMC camouflage uniforms were present.

So much for the references. On to the pictures of my WIP.

Base coat of Vallejo Carne Muerte, then horizontal green stripes. I used Feldgrau for this test because I had no properly green colour. We'll see how it goes.
Next horizontal and vertical brown stripes and blotches. I used Vallejo Mahogany.