tisdag 28 januari 2014

Two giveaways!

First, one that is ongoing: Loki over at Lokis Great Hall is giving away all sorts of good stuff. I have my eyes set on the ACW uniform guide.

Second, one that is already finished and that I won!

Ian over at The Blog With No Name gave away houses from Leven Miniatures and I won! Not only did I get free houses, Ian was kind enough to paint them for me, how's that for service!

And here they are, with Baccus miniatures for reference.

 A barn

 A saw mill and a cottage

And two different types of tent.

All very nice stuff indeed, both the buildings and the paint jobs. I might have to base the houses to bring them up a little as my miniatures are on pretty thick bases and seem to tower over their houses.

torsdag 16 januari 2014

ACW house...the return of Shelfville!

Remember Shelfville? Well, I won't blame you if you don't, it's been almost two years since I started the project. http://getitpainted.blogspot.se/2012/04/shelfville-humble-beginning.html

Today at least I have a small contribution to this project, another house from Timecast that was included in the Baccus boxed set. I do believe this is the last of the houses from that set, now I just need to locate them all.

Painted with Vallejo and Coat d'Arms as usual. Behind the fence you can just make out some flock. I will probably add more to help it blend into the terrain once I figure out how the terrain will be designed.

And there is more to come soon as I finally took pictures of the lovely Leven houses that Ian sent me!

tisdag 14 januari 2014

British Para with pram

This guy is not throwing his toys out of the pram, he is in fact filling it up with toys! The figure is from an old TQD Models Group Build and is sculpted by Tony Boustead. I have another one just like it but with a Polish beret that I will paint and keep for myself, this one is to be a present for a friend.

He is painted using Vallejo and Coat d'Arms. The base is a mix of cat litter, bits of plaster, a busted computer motherboard and Juweela bricks.

fredag 10 januari 2014

2014, the Year Of Gratitude

Following on from the post about Christmas, I have another one about gifts.
While looking at what I achieved hobby-wise in 2013 and what I hoped for in 2014, I realised that I have a lot of stuff that was given to  me. A LOT of stuff. Then I realised, if people have been kind enough to give me models, figures and other stuff, isn't it rude to buy more stuff and paint that before I paint the gifts?
That set the scene for 2014:The Year Of Gratitude

Below is an incomplete list of stuff that have been given to me and as such will have priority during 2014. 

1 StuG from Jocke, to become Hippo Teams tank.

1 StuG  from Laffe, to become a Sturmi

1 Sherman from Laffe, fate unknown
1 Grant from Jocke, to become Rabbit Teams tank.

2 PzIV from Jocke, 1 to be a East Front winter tank,

 one to become Anglerfish Teams tank.

1 set of Warlord Celts from Jocke, to become wildmen for Dux Gondorum
1 set of Perry 8th Army Brits from Laffe, to become mostly LRDG
1 set German Support Weapons from Zipee, to go to Normandy for GothCon
1 Normandy farmhouse from Rich, also Normandy for GothCon
1 Kübelwagen from Daniel, to become a winter painted vehicle
1 Schwimmwagen from Daniel, also to become a winter painted vehicle
3 Panthers from Patrice, to become wreck markers as they are pretty busted up already
a lot of 6mm ACW infantry from Laffe, for TCHAE or Longstreet
a bunch of 15mm trenches from Laffe, for Dien Bien Phu
1 Milicast LRDG truck from Secret Santa, for the continued LRDG project

Now, if you know anything else I have that was given, perhaps because you gave it, perhaps because I have mentioned it, please let me know and I will add it to the list.

torsdag 9 januari 2014

A giveaway and a new project

Well, ok, the project isn't new, but I now have a picture that proves something is actually happening. There are no points for guessing what the theme is and if you need any clues, see my last post.

Next item: a giveaway. My good friend Jocke is celebrating 50k views with a big giveaway.
Some really nice stuff there. I shall be trying for the Grenadiers. Like I need more stuff to paint! Well, if it is free, it does not count towards the budget, so it's ok. ;-)

And finally, here is my only goal for the coming year:

I put this strip of tape up on January 7. I will make a mark every time I sit down to paint. If Christmas comes and I have 200 marks, it will be good. If I have 300, it will be great!

onsdag 8 januari 2014

A very Merry Christmas!

This year, I must have been a very Good Boy, for Santa was so very nice to me I can't believe it!

First up, I was involved in Ians Secret Santa project, where some nice person sent me this packet, containing one of these beauties:Ford F30 30cwt LRDG 4x2 Truck with 3A1 Steel Body 
If you read this blog regularly, you'll know where the idea came from. I have built one just like it and I am really looking forward to building this one. Perhaps I'll modify it a bit to take a heavy weapon or to carry stretchers, we'll see.

Ian also ran a Painted Santa. In this, I was lucky beyond belief. I sent of  a figure painted to the best of my ability which I consider decent but not special, and I got this:

Un-fecking-believable! Look at the skill here! The figures are from Artizan with a plastic Perry placed next to them for size reference. This MG team will form the core of my 28mm Desert forces, who so far consist of three painted Perry plastics.

From the light of my life,my girlfriend, I got the first season of Girls und Panzer on Blu-ray. It was imported from the US but still worked fine in our European PS3

From my Resin Relatives I got a Girls und Panzer mug. 

 Bestest friends Vicky and Icke gave me this book. It has Lovecraft and Poe in it!

 My buddy Jimski out in California knew I had an interest in ACW and in King Tigers!

From fellow Scandinavian Lardie Jocke came these two. I am especially moved by this as they were left to him by his father. I will treasure them!

All in all an extremely good Christmas both when it comes to time with friends and family and presents. I shall make it a priority to finish all the books during the coming year.
A big thanks to all of you!

söndag 5 januari 2014

First minis of 2014!

These were supposed to be finished in 2013 according to my set of goals, but that did not happen. Well, they are finished now. First out, the second-in-command for my Gondor forces in Dux Gondorum, Faramir.

"His uses are few", eh? We'll see how the 2IC of Gondor handles command during the coming year, I hope. 

Goblin Warg Riders, from a thrift-store mixed bag.

fredag 3 januari 2014

What I did on my holiday...two months late

This year there was not much of a summer holiday for me and the missus, instead we saved up our money for a very special occasion towards the end of the year:the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary.

The event took place in the ExCel convention centre in London, well known to anyone who has attended Salute in the last ten years. We had tickets for Sunday, meaning we were the first to see the cast of the 50th jubilee episode talk about what was in it as it had been aired the night before.

Not a great pic, but I think you can tell who they are anyway. Brilliant fun and very emotional to hear Matt Smith say goodbye to the fans and the role.

We also got to see a talk by Doctors 5, 6 and 7. Sylvester McCoy really can tell a good story, that is for sure, and Peter Davison is "my" doctor, even though I came into the whole Who franchise with Ecclestone in the reboot.

After the talks, we walked around the mail hall where there were various merchants, a lot of original props, people signing autographs and two different stages where people involved with the show did talks and panels.

"The image of an angel is an angel..."

My favourite Who vehicle of all times

Among the people signing autographs was a personal hero of mine, Mr David Warner. I have loved his work since Cross of Iron. I bought an audio adventure featuring him and got the CD case signed. It now holds a special place in my CD collection. And the story was really good too, I'll be buying more CDs from Big Finish for sure. http://www.bigfinish.com/

One very interesting talk was by two mothers who talked among other things about being a mother and acting a mother.

Security at the official BBC shop was especially scary!

And the parting shot, looking down the centre aisle at ExCel.