söndag 29 maj 2011

Second attempt at barbed wire

Another try, this time intended to be mass produced as we need 1,8m of the stuff for Saturdays game. The bases are 30x60mm MDF, 2mm thick, bought from Baccus. Two methods are used: pins driven through the board and then cut off underneath and pins cut down and glued in place using a hot glue gun. The barbed wire is from a regular 220V power cable, the individual strands twisted around a screw driver, sprayed black and glued in place. The one on the left below was then painted GW Tin Bitz, the one on the right GW Bolt Gun.
The ground is sand painted Burnt Umber and dry-brushed with Vallejo Iraqi Sand.

Credit Card Barbed Wire

First test of barbed wire entanglement. Two credit cards with match sticks glued on and black sewing thread added and then dry-brushed GW Bolt Gun. The ground is sand with Burnt Umber foundation and Vallejo Iraqi Sand dry brush.

More Free Poles

Two more Free Polish Paratroopers. And as I write this, I realise I did not paint the beret badge. I will fix this but I can't be bothered to take a new picture.

Late edit: +10(29).

söndag 15 maj 2011

Face lift for the P-4 as well

I did the same thing, sponge chipping, on the P-4 as I had done on the T-26. I think I've improved my technique a little already. Looking forward to my next vehicle, probably the Hanomag Joakim gave me last gaming session, thank you Jocke.
I would now consider it ready to go shoot up Daniels T-34s in Kharkov.

T-26 gets a face lift

It's been a long bloody time, and that is not swearing, it's a fact. A piece of non-functioning small intestine has been cut out and I've spent a month recovering, but now it's time to paint again.
As suggested by my painting mentor Laffe I have done a bit of sponge chipping on the T-26. Lots to learn, but I think it looks better than it did before.