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fredag 10 januari 2014

2014, the Year Of Gratitude

Following on from the post about Christmas, I have another one about gifts.
While looking at what I achieved hobby-wise in 2013 and what I hoped for in 2014, I realised that I have a lot of stuff that was given to  me. A LOT of stuff. Then I realised, if people have been kind enough to give me models, figures and other stuff, isn't it rude to buy more stuff and paint that before I paint the gifts?
That set the scene for 2014:The Year Of Gratitude

Below is an incomplete list of stuff that have been given to me and as such will have priority during 2014. 

1 StuG from Jocke, to become Hippo Teams tank.

1 StuG  from Laffe, to become a Sturmi

1 Sherman from Laffe, fate unknown
1 Grant from Jocke, to become Rabbit Teams tank.

2 PzIV from Jocke, 1 to be a East Front winter tank,

 one to become Anglerfish Teams tank.

1 set of Warlord Celts from Jocke, to become wildmen for Dux Gondorum
1 set of Perry 8th Army Brits from Laffe, to become mostly LRDG
1 set German Support Weapons from Zipee, to go to Normandy for GothCon
1 Normandy farmhouse from Rich, also Normandy for GothCon
1 Kübelwagen from Daniel, to become a winter painted vehicle
1 Schwimmwagen from Daniel, also to become a winter painted vehicle
3 Panthers from Patrice, to become wreck markers as they are pretty busted up already
a lot of 6mm ACW infantry from Laffe, for TCHAE or Longstreet
a bunch of 15mm trenches from Laffe, for Dien Bien Phu
1 Milicast LRDG truck from Secret Santa, for the continued LRDG project

Now, if you know anything else I have that was given, perhaps because you gave it, perhaps because I have mentioned it, please let me know and I will add it to the list.

10 kommentarer:

  1. Thomas, I have a pack of Baccus 6mm ACW (a small army) lying about. What are your or the group's plans with ACW? I can either paint them, or give them away to someone in the group.
    Especially as I just discovered that I actually bought TCHAE in 2008 ;-)


    1. My plan is to get a game of either TCHAE or Longstreet in during the coming year. I'd say they are the perfect way to get you back into painting again!

    2. Well, I prepped some 20mm Finns and Germans last night. All I need now is the word Go from the missus to start painting in the house again (it's too cold in the garage ;-)), then I'm off. But I'll get that pack out and see what's in it, at least, tonight... ;)

    3. Excellent. It is always a lot easier to get stuff painted when someone else is also painting for the same game.

  2. Longstreet is an excellent Game

    1. Great, that is what I was hoping to hear!

  3. I gave you some flock powders, you need to use them on a few bases LOL


    1. Yes, and that powder is sitting right here waiting for the next grassy base I do. I have several ideas for using the flock on bases for minis of different scales. Stand by for more on this.
      And thanks!

  4. Didn't you win some Leven 6mm houses also?

    1. Yes I did, but they don't count as Ian was nice enough to paint them for me, so they are ready for the field! There will however be a blog post about them and Leven in general sometime soon, I just took some pics of the buildings.