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söndag 5 januari 2014

First minis of 2014!

These were supposed to be finished in 2013 according to my set of goals, but that did not happen. Well, they are finished now. First out, the second-in-command for my Gondor forces in Dux Gondorum, Faramir.

"His uses are few", eh? We'll see how the 2IC of Gondor handles command during the coming year, I hope. 

Goblin Warg Riders, from a thrift-store mixed bag.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Yay for Faramir! Nice basings, as well!

    And a thrift store you say? Dare I hope this thrift store was located in Sweden?

  2. Thank you. Coming from the Llama himself, that is high praise indeed.
    This second-hand store, Åsas Leksaksförmedling, is indeed in Sweden, in my home town of Nynäshamn. That haul, though, was probably a one-off. I bought several plastic bags of mixed minis for 300 SEK, made my money back selling the included metal dwarves, gave a bunch or Haradrim to one friend, goblins to another and plastic dwarves to a third. That still left me with a bunch of Gondorians and Rohirrim, the wargs above and the four seen here:

    1. I literally started salivating by reading about your find! I can only congratulate you on a find like that. Waiting for the ferry in Nynäs, I've been strolling around the town, I should have looked more carefully for a store like that, but how could one expect to find such a goldmine in a regular, ordinary Swedish city like Nynäs... ?!

      Jag insisterar på engelska enär det är internets språk och man vill inte reta upp internet i onödan ;)

      MVH, L. M.

    2. Next time you are there, find the book store. Åsas store is downstairs from it. While I doubt either of us will ever strike gold on that level again, there is usually something that can be used for terrain projects or similar to be found.