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torsdag 9 januari 2014

A giveaway and a new project

Well, ok, the project isn't new, but I now have a picture that proves something is actually happening. There are no points for guessing what the theme is and if you need any clues, see my last post.

Next item: a giveaway. My good friend Jocke is celebrating 50k views with a big giveaway.
Some really nice stuff there. I shall be trying for the Grenadiers. Like I need more stuff to paint! Well, if it is free, it does not count towards the budget, so it's ok. ;-)

And finally, here is my only goal for the coming year:

I put this strip of tape up on January 7. I will make a mark every time I sit down to paint. If Christmas comes and I have 200 marks, it will be good. If I have 300, it will be great!

5 kommentarer:

  1. I like the strip of tape and using it to track painting sessions. Great idea.

    1. Thanks. I was reading some blog that talked about doing something every day as the goal for 2014. I realised that was not realistic, but that perhaps 4 days a week on average might work. That would mean 208 days in a year. Time to find out!

  2. That is a great idea about the strip for tracking.

  3. That is a great idea about tracking your painting progress. Something we all need to do.

  4. Nice idea with the strip, I hope it works for you