fredag 3 januari 2014

What I did on my holiday...two months late

This year there was not much of a summer holiday for me and the missus, instead we saved up our money for a very special occasion towards the end of the year:the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary.

The event took place in the ExCel convention centre in London, well known to anyone who has attended Salute in the last ten years. We had tickets for Sunday, meaning we were the first to see the cast of the 50th jubilee episode talk about what was in it as it had been aired the night before.

Not a great pic, but I think you can tell who they are anyway. Brilliant fun and very emotional to hear Matt Smith say goodbye to the fans and the role.

We also got to see a talk by Doctors 5, 6 and 7. Sylvester McCoy really can tell a good story, that is for sure, and Peter Davison is "my" doctor, even though I came into the whole Who franchise with Ecclestone in the reboot.

After the talks, we walked around the mail hall where there were various merchants, a lot of original props, people signing autographs and two different stages where people involved with the show did talks and panels.

"The image of an angel is an angel..."

My favourite Who vehicle of all times

Among the people signing autographs was a personal hero of mine, Mr David Warner. I have loved his work since Cross of Iron. I bought an audio adventure featuring him and got the CD case signed. It now holds a special place in my CD collection. And the story was really good too, I'll be buying more CDs from Big Finish for sure.

One very interesting talk was by two mothers who talked among other things about being a mother and acting a mother.

Security at the official BBC shop was especially scary!

And the parting shot, looking down the centre aisle at ExCel.

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