måndag 2 september 2013

Swedes in Congo- especially for Sapper Joe

Fellow blogger Sapper Joe is interested in the Congo conflict of the early 60's and as I have easy access to some stuff at the Army Museum in Stockholm, I offered to get him some pictures.
First an album containing some pictures of the two armoured cars parked outside. As I understand it neither of them served in Congo. The camouflaged one is a latter, improved version and the white one is simply one that was painted in UN colours for the Swedish Congo Veteran Association jubilee. However, they will give a very good idea of how the vehicles look. I have added a Coke can for size reference in many of the pictures of the white car. No captions since all the info I have is on the signs and they are in both English ad Swedish.

Second, an album with pics from the temporary display about the history of Swedish UN involvement. Here I have added some captions to explain where needed. Most pics are taken through the display case glass and are of varying quality. I have also taken a number of pics of weapons used by Swedish forces at the time, though I don't know if all were deployed in Congo.
Uniforms and weapons

I will keep digging around for Swedish sources and publish what useful information I can on the blog.

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