måndag 16 september 2013

SAS Jeep WIP1 and a lovely Kickstarter

So, I have finished the Ford LRDG truck from Milicast, time for something new, and by new I mean of course a different type of LRDG vehicle!
I bought two SAS guys along with the Ford truck, but as they are designed for the Milicast SAS jeep, they don't fit in the truck and I had to use other crew. Yet again, friend Daniel to the rescue:an Academy Jeep from him will work just fine as an LRDG/SAS jeep. There really should be a few modifications made to the jeep for desert service such as cutting off some bars in the engine grille, but I can't be arsed to go all Dremel on it for the sake of correctness, it is a playing piece not a scale model.

Here is the jeep being built with the crew being tested. It turns out that the steering wheel does not fit with the driver in place and I had to build my own. I cut away the steering column and drilled a hole that will take a regular pin, pics of this to follow.

The jeep itself is finished, note the added condensator can or whatever it is called on the front, the spare wheel mounted on the side and the field-improvised Lewis gun mount for the passenger. Next I need to figure out if I mount the .50 cal I have planned as a fixed part or if I put it on a removable board like I have done with the load on the other vehicles. Making it a removable piece will make the vehicle more versatile, make the gun mount less prone to breakage and make fixing it if it breaks easier. I certainly lean that way.

Finally, I just have to mention the new Winter War in 28mm Kickstarter that Gav of Baker Company is running right now.
If, like me, you play CoC, you can get everything you could ever need for BOTH sides for £120, or go halfsies with friend and put in £60 each and get one side each.

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