onsdag 4 september 2013

First few Perry Desert Rats minis

The Perry Desert Rats plastic set was given to me by friend and fellow gamer Laffe some before the summer. I have now painted two of the figures and have half a dozen more assembled and waiting. This really is a lovely set, crisp detail, easy assembly and human proportions, an all too rare thing in 28mm.

All the figures in the set come with the regular steel helmet, but there are also a number of alternate heads provided, some wearing the iconic smagh of the LRDG and some wearing the commando cold weather cap.

 My very first figure. 

My second figure from this set got the the wool cap meaning he will work fine as LRDG as they wore most anything, or can be used as a Commando for a raid game. No points for guessing who we plan to use as target for the coming raid games. Clue:his first name was Erwin.

And here they are together.

I have a third figure on the paint bench right now with a head from the Warlord Celts set. It looks a little too large, but that might get better with painting, we'll see.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Very nice. I like the colours better on the second figure, but they are both the dog's bollocks.

  2. Thanks.I intend to mix and match colours freely as I paint these guys to give them the mix-and-match feel of LRDG and early SAS.

  3. Those look very nice. How many do you plan on doing in total?

    1. To be honest, I don't have a plan that goes beyond "I'll always have one of these on the paint table" and possibly "when Renedra release their African House, I'll get one" but I guess for a game of CoC raiding Rommel's compound a dozen or so will do, two dozen will be plenty.

  4. I like the figures! Geat job señor Nissvik