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torsdag 30 maj 2013

Second T-26 and first Pz I

This is my second Minairon T-26. Remember, these come two to a box and you can build both as Model A, both as Model B or one of each. My first batch are both Model B. The second box are built as Model A, I'll paint them soon. Next to the T-26 is the first Pz I. These come three to  box. I traded one to my good friend Jocke for some Zvezda troops and the last one is still awaiting paint.

Front view. The commander comes with the kit. Not very detailed, but woks fine.

 Side view. I decided not to put any mud on this T-26 to compare with the first one that was covered in dirt.
 The Pz I.
Side view. A quick paint job but it works for me.

7 kommentarer:

  1. Looks like a very nice model. How many pieces did it come in? Was it simple to build? I have been looking at their stuff but shipping to the US would probably be prohibitive.

    1. Ask and all shall be revealed:or most of it, anyway.
      Pics of sprue and build description here:
      Yes, that is the sprue. All pieces are on one sprue.

      As for price of shipping, I could not say, but you can buy them straight from Minairon or you can get them from PSC. I don't think shipping to the states would be too horrible, but better ask them.

  2. Chris -- I bought two T-26 boxes from PSC. Shipping was only ₤5 to Michigan. After one week though, my order's still shown as "Processing."


  3. My Pz I is built and painted. Just decals to add. Will soon be seen on my blog. Supe-easy to build!

  4. Very nice. I still think some light dusting on the lower parts and wheels of the T26 would be in order.

    1. I agree, it is too parade ground right now.
      I think I might wait until I have finished the two others and do all three in a matching type of mud/dust.