måndag 13 maj 2013

Second Minairon T-26 and Milicast LRDG Ford WIP1

Second tank from Minairon, using the same colours but in a different order. Last time it was base-wash-drybrush. This time I tried base-highlight-wash.

I think the result is looking promising, but we won't know until tracks have been done and pigment added if it actually looks better. I got some suggestions for paints to use from Lluis, Mr Minairon himself and I will be trying those on the two T-26A I built from the other box I bought. Stay tuned for that.

Second WIP for the day is the Milicast Ford F30 30cwt LRDG 4x2 Truck with 3A1 Steel Body. This has been delayed as a piece was missing in the original kit. Milicast sent an new one as soon as I askd, but the Post promptly lost it and I had to ask for another. That packet eventually arrived. Great service from Milicast, less so from the Post Office.
Anyway, construction has now begun. Please note that this is a good model and I am a bad builder. Anything  warped, askew or incorrect is down to me, not the model.

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