lördag 4 maj 2013

First Minairon T-26 finished

My first T-26 is finished, three more to go. It's a pretty quick job. Base colour is Vallejo Cam.Olive Green, 70894. Over that a wash of AP Strong Tone and a drybrush with old Citadel Goblin Green, from when they were made by Coat d'Arms. Tracks painted Coats Wood Brown, metal dry brush and another AP Strong wash and finally a mix of MIG pigments.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Looking good. Put those stamps away...

  2. Nice painting, Thomas!!

    Vallejo's 894 Cam.Olive Green...? Hey, pretty nice alternative. I shall give it a try at the time of finishing my Spanish Republican T-26 company (http://soldadets.blogspot.com/2013/04/nou-projecte-t-26-republicans.html).

    I'm admittedly old fashioned at painting. My own painting schema consisted of:

    1 - Base coating with a 50% mix of 894 Russian Green and 967 Olive Green --Vallejo, of course; their factory lies some 17 km. away from home :)

    2 - Shading with a 50% mix of [894 Russian Green + a drop of Black] with 855 Black Glaze --all this, dilluted in water, at more or less a 50% in turn. This is the stage where I am right now.

    3 - Next step had to be highlighting, using once again the mix of (1), but I might use your suggested 894 Cam.Olive Green instead --perhaps cleared with Olive Green too?

    4 - After applying some dirt to the whole, my last step uses to be a light overall drybrushing with Drab Earth, as to simulate dust effect. It also gives some added harshness to the green base, that I do like a lot.

    As you can see, quite of an old-fashioned painting method :)

    1. Interesting. I am trying out different methods and yours sound very interesting. Just need to get a few more Vallejos. No factory nearby, but a fully stocked shop on the way home from work.
      I'll let you know when I've finish the next one. Or possibly the Pz1 will be first.