onsdag 16 januari 2013

Stretch goals for 2013

Requested by Jocke and inspired by Kickstarter, I hereby present a list of stretch goals for my hobbying during 2013. Last time I published pictures of the stuff I hope to paint during 2013. (The Dust minis are almost done and the bath tub and the sofa are finished, they will feature in an upcoming post about furniture.)

Here is my list of other hopes and dreams for the coming year.

I plan to keep next year rather frugal. I intend to buy some Dust minis because they are lovely, but mostly I intend to get stuff I already have painted so that I can use it!
OK, here is the dream. I'll split it into two lists, Build/Paint and Play. I will save these list and look at it again at the end of 2013...and probably cry.


1, I own a shopping bag full of LOTR minis that will be painted and put to use for Dux Gondorum.

2, I own a bunch of lovely 20mm WW2 metals from CP Models and TQD that will be painted and put to use for IABSM (and dare I dream, CoC?)

3, I own a bunch of 6mm ACW from Baccus that will be painted and used for both TSS and TCHAE, and they will be joined by some friends from Rapier.

4, I own a 1/72 Hanomag, a StuG, a King Tiger and a Flak36 kit. These will all be painted in winter colours.

5, the last bit of scenery I bought at Salute 2008 will be painted.


1, Play at least one game using our new LRDG figures.

2, Play, or rather run, a Dux Gondorum campaign.

3, Play at least one game with my Free Polish paras.

4, Play at least on game with my 1940 French.

There, that should keep me busy for a year.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I will not only buy a new painting desk, I will also get started on the Shelfville project, thereby inspiring Chris and stunning Owen.

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  1. Excellent goals. Mine are quite similar. Get in more games has to top the list. If I could achieve even one a month, I would be very happy.

  2. All I can say is good Luck Thomas!