lördag 19 januari 2013

First SSU squad done!

My first SSU (that's Sino-Soviet Union) for Dust finished. A rather quick paint job to test what can be achieved with block painting and wash. Quite a lot, it turns out. Yes, I could do three tone shading, drybrushing etc and they would look better, since the figures are really nice, BUT I think they look fine enough as it is and they're done and I can move on to my next squad instead.

They are simply block painted and washed in Army Painter Dark shade. The only dry-brushing is on the base, a light grey dusting to bring out the detail in the rubble (pieces of Linka Bricks, cat litter and a smashed circuit board).

This squad is an Ohotniki, the standard SSU Rifle Squad. 

2 kommentarer:

  1. They look excellent! How did you do the body armour?

    1. The body armour is painted with Vallejo Cam Olive Green and washed with Army painter Dark, that is all.