tisdag 18 december 2012

"You've gotta turn over a new leaf...

...'Cause that old one's turning on you.
We've gotta turn over a new leaf.
If the future's only hoped for, we are doomed."
-Bad Religion, "New Leaf"

With the new year approaching, I will not be making any promises, because I know I can never keep them. Instead, I will present a goal that I hope to have achieved by this time next year. It is simply this: that none of these figures, vehicles and terrain pieces are still on my painting table, but instead are painted, based, varnished and given a place in the storage system. For bonus points, they should all (except Rommel) have seen the elephant as well.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Good idea! I will hold you to it... (is that Faramir I spy?)

    Unfortunately I do not have a proper workbench to photograph, instead my projects are spread all over the house to avoid detection :-)

    1. It is indeed Faramir, and I have him on horse-back too, ready for when someone in the Dux campaign upgrades to Shock Cav.
      My other, non-current, projects are hidden in the basement to avoid detection. So well hidden, in fact, that I forget them myself.

  2. Hear, hear!
    I seem to have a LRDG-truck like that also...
    I would like to see all that furniture finished!
    We will check this during next years games.

    1. So would I. And I have a ruin that we have not even used (at your place, I think?) plus an even bigger, unpainted ruin, so there is plenty of space to put the furniture.