tisdag 29 januari 2013


Would you like some vowels to go with your acronym soup?

I did a little work on the truck last night, not much but enough to see a difference. And I just enjoy playing with the camera on the new phone and that is all the reason I need.

The work I did was adding some more base coat, painting the seats and starting on the stowage. I also added a layer of shading by painting all folds and recesses with a darker colour. Looks pretty naff right now, but with a layer of high-lighting and at least one wash to even it out, I'm hopeful it might work.
And if it does not, I'll cover the bloody thing in pigment and make it look like it's been in a sand storm!

5 kommentarer:

  1. It looks very promising, Thomas. Remember, pigment is your friend.

    1. It is indeed. It can hide a multitude of sins.

  2. Hmm, have to have a go at mine soon...