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torsdag 7 maj 2015

GothCon 2015, we hardly knew ye

The last two years we have been going to the eminent gaming convention GothCon. Last year Laffe and I ran Chain of Command in NWE 1944. This time we opted for Chain of Command but in the desert. We had the toys, the tools and the talent. Only one minor problem:one of us also had the flu. To illustrate the situation:below are all the photos I took over a three day gaming convention.

 The hotel. Great place.

 View from the room. Yes, that is a boardgame café across the road!
 A guy with a cool T-shirt.
 Our favourite sushi place.
 The mug my better half gave me for use while gaming.

 The setup for the first game.
 Our info and display table.
A patrol phase in progress.

That was it. I spent more time taking naps than I did running games. Our involvement was still a success thanks to the efforts of the other three lads: Laffe, Koen and Jocke.

I really, really hope I stay healthy next year, especially since I have promised to run and First Indo-China War game. 

4 kommentarer:

  1. We also want you to stay healty during the year until that event as you are going to have to build and paint a lot of minis... :-)

  2. I am starting to realise that I might work myself into an early grave doing all the French units needed and their damned camouflage. On the bright side, if I do, I won't have to worry about the game!

  3. I was really looking forward meeting you guys at Gothcon but I am in the middle of a renovation after buying a house to me and the Mrs. Chain of command seems to be my kind of game and maybe we can challenge each other in a first match in the future? Great report though and nice pictures.Not so nice to get sick when you are planning to be on your feets.Better luck next time.

    1. Standing challenge. Come to Stockholm and we'll give you a game. Or come to GothCon next year.