onsdag 28 januari 2015

Test game of CoC

Today we played a test game of Chain of Command since Jocke needed to learn the rules and Laffe and I needed to get the rules down pat for the convention game in April. The scenario was a platoon of US infantry against a German infantry platoon somewhere in France.

I did not take many pictures as I was fully involved in playing, but this is what the table looked like at the start.

US enter from the left, Jerries from the right. Laffes jump-off points are cleverly integrated into the landscape bat are all on the far half of the table.

Only action shots I took. US squad assaulting across the road. They had supporting fire from a squad in the house behind them (you can see the corner bottom right) causing Shock. Sadly, they charged into an enemy behind light cover and with an MG42...

After a very brutal round of close combat, I had four guys and 2 Shock while poor Jocke had one guy and 7 Shock.

The game was hard, tense and could have swung either way. We called it due to time and agreed on a draw.
Once again, Chain of Command delivered a very good gaming experience and a good night of fun.

2 kommentarer:

  1. This was just a dress rehearsal... but it was fun, brutal and a good exercise in finding out which rules we had forgotten.

  2. A great first game. I learned a lot the hard way...
    Note to self - read up on ambush and flamethrowers. Shudder...