måndag 5 januari 2015

2015, they year of Humble Pie

The customary thing to do at the start of the year is to look back at the plans you made at the start of the year and see how they match up against how things turned out. Well, the old saying about no plan surviving contact with the enemy is true, that much is sure. One of the fun things about running a hobby blog like this is that you get to see just HOW true it is. 

So, let's start with the plans I put up on 10 January 20214. It was going to be The Year of Gratitude, where I built and painted stuff given to me.

Nr 1:

1 StuG from Jocke, to become Hippo Teams tank.
 Nope, that did not happen

Nr 2:
1 StuG  from Laffe, to become a Sturmi
 Nope, that did not happen, not even in touched the kit but there at least I have an excuse as we have not done anything related to the Continuation War in 2014.

Nr 3:
1 Sherman from Laffe, fate unknown
 Fate still unknown...

Nr 4:
1 Grant from Jocke, to become Rabbit Teams tank.

Our first success! This baby is actually finished.

Nr 5:

2 PzIV from Jocke, 1 to be a East Front winter tank,

 1 to become Anglerfish Teams tank.
I'll just count these two together as one big failure.

Nr 6:
1 set of Warlord Celts from Jocke, to become wildmen for Dux Gondorum
 These are a partial success as some of them are actually table ready. Just a few, but still.

Nr 7:
1 set of Perry 8th Army Brits from Laffe, to become mostly LRDG
 There is a full platoon in that pack. 2 of them are now painted. No, I won't even claim partial for this.

Nr 8:

1 set German Support Weapons from Zipee, to go to Normandy for GothCon
Partial success, a few of them actually fought at GothCon and some more are being painted at the moment.

Nr 9:
1 Normandy farmhouse from Rich, also Normandy for GothCon
Success! I did paint this a bit and it did serve at GothCon.

Nr 10:
1 Kübelwagen from Daniel, to become a winter painted vehicle
Computer says no.

Nr 11:
1 Schwimmwagen from Daniel, also to become a winter painted vehicle
 Another no. This one is built and greenstuffed and awaiting a crew from SHQ. It will most likely wait a while longer.

No 12:
3 Panthers from Patrice, to become wreck markers as they are pretty busted up already
Still sitting on my shelf waiting.

No 13:
a lot of 6mm ACW infantry from Laffe, for TCHAE or Longstreet
Nope. I have now bought Longstreet, complete with card decks. All out of excuses.

No 14:
a bunch of 15mm trenches from Laffe, for Dien Bien Phu
Another "Nope, but I have an excuse", since the Red Star 28mm Indo-China range moved my project up to 28mm, the 15mm trenches will be sitting there waiting for the next wave of inspiration.

No 15:
1 Milicast LRDG truck from Secret Santa, for the continued LRDG project
Last one, also "Nope, but I have an excuse" as we did not focus on our 20mm LRDG project this year.

So, there we have it. 15 points in total. By the kindest reckoning possible, I score 3 points. Well, I guess 2015 is the year of eating humble pie and trying to do better. Oh, and of painting Dust Babylon, Mars Attacks and a host of other things I do not even know about but that I am going to be distracted by.

I'll be back soon with some goals for 2015 to cry about next year.

10 kommentarer:

  1. Now that's a fail and a half LOL. But you can balance it against all the things you have managed to do


    1. Good idea. Yes, have actually done some stuff this year.

  2. My former models at least got one 'win'... :-)

    1. Yep, and another one is on the short-list for attention, I promise.

  3. Be kind to yourself. It's just a hobby.

    1. Believe me, this IS me being kind to myself. You should see me when I am angry...

  4. "Partial success, a few of them actually fought at GothCon" - funniest thing I've read all day; still not to worry as long as you are having fun with your hobby then that's all that matters.

    1. Pretty much. "If you had fun, you are a winner" is my motto when it comes to gaming.

  5. Bah, keep at it. Maybe give away the trenches to someone who uses 15mm? So someone else can ignore them and hang their head in shame next year...

    Kind of paying it forward :-)

    1. An excellent idea! A blog giveaway, perhaps?