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onsdag 14 januari 2015

Something I actually achieved in 2014!

Last year I decided that since the real reason I paint toy soldiers is that it is fun and relaxing, I should try to do it more often. To some people the gaming is the hobby and the painting is just the road to the table. To me, the painting is the hobby and the gaming is a wonderful bonus. The problem that I have found is this:painting is very relaxing, but if I am stressed, I forget that it is relaxing. This means that when I get stressed from work, I come home and instead of sitting down to paint, which will relax me, I think "I am not in the mood to paint" and go annoy my girlfriend instead, which stresses her too while not reducing my stress. Once I start doing that, I can go a week without painting, because "I am not in the mood" (aka grumpy).

Hence my goal of Paint A Little Every Day. In the post from last year we see my way of keeping tabs.
Here is what it looked like on 9 January.

The plan was to put a mark every day that I sat down at my desk and if "I have 200 marks, it will be good. If I have 300, it will be great!"

Here is what it looked like on 31 December. That is 212 marks. I made the base target.

Out of those 212 times, there are a handful where I can remember thinking "No, this is not fun today, I'll go do something else", meaning that at least 200 times I sat down at my desk, started painting and enjoyed it.

I would call that a very successful project indeed. Fun was had, minis got painted, stress was relieved and girlfriend was left alone until I had calmed down. Win-win-win-win situation.

So, here is the situation on 1 January 2015. Onward to glory!

6 kommentarer:

  1. What a great idea and really glad it worked for you.

    I paint as part of keeping healthy as it keeps fatigue down so I know what you mean


    1. Not only is it fun, it is good for you too. Best kind of hobby, really.

  2. Good job! And I do enjoy seeing your results on the gaming table, so it is a win-win-win-win-win situation :-)

  3. I understand exactly what you are saying about talking myself out of sitting down and painting, sounds to me as if you have stumbled on a way to get past that initial barrier.

  4. I totally agree painting my miniatures and gaming have opened up a whole new world for me.