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torsdag 23 oktober 2014

Dear Secret Santa...

I have now been given my vict...recipient for the Secret Santa project. That also means someone will soon be reading this blog looking for ideas. Well, Santa, there should be plenty of ideas to be found by reading previous blog posts, but just in case, here are some ideas:

1, Red Star Miniatures DBP range.

2, CP Models 20mm Germans, Russians, Brits or 28mm "Dr Who" range

3, Perry WW2 or Normans.

4, Anything for Dust Warfare.

5, Baccus 6mm ACW

6, Rapier 6mm ACW

7, Total Battle Miniatures 6mm ACW buildings

8, Timecast 6mm ACW buildings

9, Leven Miniatures 6mm ACW buildings

10, Any 10mm fantasy suitable for Battle of Five Armies

11, http://www.sgtsmess.co.uk/ Continental Cafe set, Stowage, Scenery etc.

12, Conquest Games Normans

13, http://earlywarminiatures.com/ BEF or French

14, Anything for Mantic Games Mars Attacks

And in case your are located on the other side of the world, Santa (although we all know you really live just across the border in Finland), here is my FLGS:


I am sure they will be willing to do a local delivery.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Well that's quite a list, I think your SS will have no problem getting something under your tree this Christmas


  2. Hey, concentrate on what's important! (i.e. what I wan't to play with (preferably painted) on Thursdays). Mars Attacks! and Dust.
    To save on postage, I can pick up the stuff for Thomas at Alphaspel, and hand-deliver them to him (suitably wrapped)

    1. Well, my Santa is certainly getting it all served up and convenient, tha's for sure. Excellent service!

  3. That list should give Santa some ideas. You're as ADHD ... I mean eclectic, as I am!

    1. See my latest post for an example of ADHD, gamer style.

  4. PS, Santa lives in Canada. All Cdn children know this because Canada Post gave him his own postal code, HOH HOH. ;)