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fredag 31 oktober 2014

Basing horses

As I said last time, I just bought six Riders of Rohan. I love these models, but the fact that their horses only have one hoof touching the base makes them rather fragile.
Here is my solution to that problem:

 Step 1: Fill out the gap between base and hoof with suitable material, I glued some pebbles into place.

 Step 2: Fill all the way with suitable basing material. I use acrylic paste, mixed with some MIG pigment to take away the white shine in case I miss something with the paint later, or if the base gets chipped. 

Step 3:Coat the base with white glue and cover in sand. Suddenly there is a marked difference in stability and the areas where hoofs attach to base materials will be covered in grass or bushes when the model is painted.

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