tisdag 23 september 2014

Gondorians done, Frenchmen started

I actually managed to finish some figures last night (ok, they still need to be varnished) and started on some new ones. The finished guys are Veterans of Osgiliath that I got in a trade a few years ago.

Three down...

I also got started on some French Paratroopers from Red Star for the Indo-China War. These promise to be as much fun to paint as the Viet Minh troops I did a while back. Paul Hicks is a bloody genius! 
 ...three to go as can be seen behind the five French guys.

On the subject of Indo-China, I have just received one board game about Dien Bien Phu and have gotten confirmation that another one is now ready for shipping. There will be reviews of these as soon as I have played them.

2 kommentarer:

  1. I'm looking forward to the DBP-games. Back to my roots...

    1. Yep, there will be some good old hex-and-counter this winter, that's for sure!