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onsdag 24 september 2014

Adventures in camouflage land, WIP1

Last night, I started painting the camouflage on my French Paras for the Indo-China war. This will be fun, however it turns out!
So, what am I trying to achieve?

Basically, this. Troupes AéroPortées modéle TAP 47

I have tried sorting out the various versions and iterations of the TAP47 and realised that even if I can sort out the differences between them, I will not really be able to reproduce them in 28mm anyway. I will instead settle for trying to make sure that a casual observer will be able to tell if the figure is wearing TAP47 or for example Denison:

Since the French troops in Indo-China used lots of WW2 surplus, both British Denison and USMC camouflage uniforms were present.

So much for the references. On to the pictures of my WIP.

Base coat of Vallejo Carne Muerte, then horizontal green stripes. I used Feldgrau for this test because I had no properly green colour. We'll see how it goes.
Next horizontal and vertical brown stripes and blotches. I used Vallejo Mahogany. 

2 kommentarer:

  1. Looking real good Thomas! Keep up the good work. My father was in Vietnam 1956-57 and the fighting was intense already back then.I am looking forward watching the figures readypainted. Did you read my replay on your last comment on my blog? :)

    1. Hi Ptr. I did,just have not had time to reply to it yet.