tisdag 9 juli 2013

War stuff for sale or trade

This is where I will put stuff that I have for sale or trade.

First up:some old GW Epic stuff, This is all old version stuff from the original Epic Space Marine boxed set era, some of it painted, some not. If you see anything you fancy, drop me a line via the comments below. I have not given any asking prices. If you are interested, you know the prices better than I do. Make me a fair offer and we'll make a deal. Or even better, trade for some minis.
I collect 20mm and 28mm WW2, 6mm and 28mm ACW, 28mm LOTR and more.

Thunderhawks, 2 painted, 2 primed

12 Rhinos in Ultramarine Blue

3 Land Raiders, also UM Blue
18 Rhinos, 17 unpainted, 1 in UM Blue
16 Landraiders, 8 primed, 8 unpainted
Two Stormhammers
 3 Old Predators (fixed sponson guns)

 4 Unpainted Deathstrikes

Ratling Snipers and Imperial Beastmen
IG Heavy Weapons-some sold, 10 stands available
IG Guardsmen, many sold, 10 stands available
Battlewagons, unpainted, 25 available

5 Vyper Jet Bikes, painted
5 Vyper Jet Bikes, painted

Falcon host, painted
Falcon host, painted

Eldar Guards, 6 sprues of troops
Close-up of the above

Complete Eldar sprue, there are four of these

Tactical Marines, 9 troop sprues
Close-up of the above

5 Marine bike stands

4 painted Rhinos

Marine Company with some spares

14 Sentinels, 10 more available

21 sprues of square bases

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