onsdag 3 juli 2013

Making tracks WIP6

Yes, the Tiger comes with hard plastic tracks, but they are split into sections, meaning you don't have to add a gazillion links together, just a dozen or so pieces for each side. The kit includes soft vinyl tracks too if you prefer that, but since I am planning to make this a wrecked version, track links suits me fine.

The first few sections added. One long section and two shorter, connected by a single link.

I also finished the track assembly for the 251. This comes with soft tracks only, thank God. Individual links at this size would have been beyond me. I created tow improvised holding rigs to keep the track fixed while the glue set. The bluetac one was crap, the mounting board one worked perfectly.

I plan to create a small diorama around the vehicle with an aid station. I'll make sure someone stands around leaning against the tracks and neatly covering the point where the tracks meet as the join is a bit off.

The 251 has storage bins above the seats and since you are looking straight into them when looking at the model from above, they need to be filled with something. Once again friend Daniel to the rescue!
These are a few of the pieces from an equipment set he gave me a while back.

SMGs, rifles and backpacks, everything you need for an East Front road-trip!

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  1. Brilliant idea with a jig for the tracks.

    1. It did indeed work a treat. I ran needles through the holes in the wheels, fixing the whole assembly perfectly in position.