fredag 7 juni 2013

Embrace the madness! and FotR Groupbild WIP1

Yesterday I came to a conclusion:I spend too much time planning too far ahead and getting annoyed when my plans don't work out. The easiest way to remedy that is not to plan too far ahead.
So, instead of plans like "when I can spare enough money to buy X, I will complete project Y", I will instead make plans like "I have a bunch of X, that means I can do project Y" and then do it.

First up:The Guild groupbuild.
This will become a burned out or at least damaged Königstiger guarding the heart of the Reich.

This guy will be standing around somewhere near that Tiger. Yes, I know the bipod is wonky, but it's still a nice figure, and as I had him based on a rather large base he became the test subject for my cobble stone vision. Does it look like he is standing in a partially destroyed cobbled street? Well, it might once I finish painting it.

4 kommentarer:

  1. You need two vehicles for the group build, you know...

    *runs and hides*

    1. There might be a way around this. Checking with Piers now. And if not, I have a StuG and a Hanomag too.

    2. Checked with Piers, it has to be two vehicles. I have decided to use the Hanomag, now I just need to dig out some suitable crew. I seem to recall that I have more of that MG guys somewhere. Either the same figure or a similar one in winter gear.

  2. You should put the MG guy in the hanomag.