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måndag 17 juni 2013

FotR groupbuild WIP 2, LRDG WIP 3 and...of on a tangent

The King Tiger has been assembled and the LRDG truck has a base, I guess that must count as progress.

I have also checked with Piers who is in charge of the group build and I need another vehicle.
Not a problem really, as I have several just waiting to be built and painted. I decided on a Hasegawa SdKfz 251 that Jocke gave me years ago. So that is one problem solved by a generous friend. Enter a new problem ,created by a generous friend!

The lads on the left are Perry Miniatures Desert Rats. The prone guys are a mortar team, the other tow have had their heads swapped for the LRDG/SAS heads provided in the box. How am I supposed to focus on 20mm LRDG and Fall of the Reich when minis like these just magically appear on my doorstep?
Curse you, Laffe!
And on the subject of cursing Laffe, my next hobby purchase has been decided. A dark horse has moved to the top of the list, helped by a lot of lobbing from Laffe:

I bought a set as a present for a Star Wars-mad friend and now I need to get one for myself,and I'm not even that much of a SW nerd.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Did you get to play it? What did you think?

    1. Nope, we ran out of time. I will get my on copy next week and the hook up with birthday-boy Icke for a game.

  2. Will be nice to see 'my' 251 come to good use.
    good to see you getting hooked on Star Wars. I've sort of bought everything..ooops...
    Back from Normandy by the way. satisfied. You will see more on my blog when I get pics and myself sorted out.

  3. Yes... it is useless to resist. Come to the dark side.

    (I've bought everything too, oops, planning to have at least three of each fighter.)

  4. I know the x-wing problem. Hint though: Buy a few starter sets instead of multiple x-wing/tie packs. Cheaper and you'll suddenly have sufficient dice.

    1. Good point, Derk. I blew the money I had saved for the first box on stuff for Dux Brit this month. We'll see if my self control is better next month.