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lördag 23 februari 2013

My, there's a lot of you!

Spent the day with the missus bouncing ideas around for her essay. A perfect time for hobby stuff that does not require focus, such as cleaning and assembly. Result:26 Warlord Celts. These really are lovely figures. Easy to assemble, lots of character, dynamic poses and easy to mix and match to get variation.
Now for the difficult bit, getting them all painted.

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  1. Svar
    1. Thanks Fran. If the one I have finished ia anything to go by, there is much fun awaiting me. Just need to figure out the correct type and sequence of washes to use.

  2. Are they all wearing pants? Looks like most of them are. A pantless warband might be faster to paint.

    1. About half are wearing pants only, the rest are a mix of short and long sleeve shirts with four guys in chain mail.
      I will be getting me a bunch of these:
      They should strike terror into the hearts of all enemies (and be quickt to paint)!