onsdag 13 februari 2013

Big Man, Big Bike WIP 1

In my favourite WW2 game IABSM leaders are called Big Men and are divided into four different levels. To make things easier for the players, we put a number of figures corresponding to the level of the Big Man.
The figures are from CP Models, the Krad is from Academy and was a gift from my buddy Daniel.

Concept shoot. The idea is that the guy on the Krad is from the Recce troop and is reporting something to the company commander and his runner.

The figures so far. Both standing men will be wearing winter smocks, perhaps with cammo trousers, while the rider wears a regular Feldgrau jacket. He will surely get cammo trousers to provide some colour. As these are Tony Boustead figures, if you look close enough you can make out the actual cut of the clothes and tell what is a winter smock and what is not. My suggestion is:don't. I'll paint it the way I like it.
The Krad is currently loaded with fuel cans, perhaps I'll add more stuff hanging from the sides such as a back pack for the rider, or maybe I'll just go to town with the mud and snow mix I have planned for the base and make it look like an Enduro bike.
Suggestions are welcome!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hm... both the officer and the rider are pointing in the same direction. It looks like the conversation might go something like this

    "Quick, drive over there."
    "That way, you must be crazy! I'm not going there!"

    I don't know, the final composition will make or break it I think. Is the officer ordering the Kettenkrad driver to do something? What? Deliver the fuel? Ammo? Water?

    Or is the driver reporting an enemy attack?

    And what is the third guy doing?

    It will be interesting to watch.

    1. "the final composition will make or break it I think."
      I agree, that's why I started asking questions before anyone has been glued to the base. I see it as Recce reporting what they have found, but I could add a guy at the back unloading cans or MG ammo from the Krad instead.