torsdag 31 maj 2012

I have a house, and it looks like crap! Did not turn out well at all, but after a season of stress at work and record-high pollen count it will just have to do. I can't be arsed to redo it. Instead, I'll get the next one out of the basement and try to do a better job on that. It has a crashed Me262 in it, by the way, looking forward to that!

2 kommentarer:

  1. I would use a heavy wash of suitable colour (Devlan Mud or Army Painter Strong Tone for example) on the interior, to make it duller. Then I know you have a lot of pigments... could be used with good effect.
    I'm looking forward to seeing this on the gaming table.

  2. I think the flash exaggerates the colours. But as I said in the other forum, just go nuts with pigments over it. As they are, dry, and you will notice that every colour gets dulled down and drawn into eachother. And it increases the realism, ruins are dusty man.

    Otherwise it looks good. I love that you dared to use so many different colours on the inside. It will grace any BUA of ours.