onsdag 18 juli 2012

Getting your Dux in a row

It's finally time! Dux Britanniarum from TooFatLardies is here, or at least pre-orders are being taken. I have been waiting for these rules since before Rich knew he was writing them, when my group was using the Lardy card-activation system to give some randomness to the GW LOTR game. Dux is really a game about post-Roman Britain, but since much of Middle Earth was lifted straight out of that time and place, they should work for LOTR games with very few adjustments. These adjustments are being done by one of the playtesters as I write this.
Me, I'm busy sorting out bunches of LOTR figures that have been in my basement for years and getting them neatly based and organised to be ready to play once I get my paws on the rules. First out are a section of uruk-hai pike-men. These are the first LOTR figures I ever painted, some I know I did during lunch breaks at work in 2003.

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  1. Nice! you have to keep us posted about how the game fits as a LotR vehicle.